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Retailer lists Grand Theft Auto 5 for Wii U

Not exactly a retailer you hear about all the time...

But a retailer nonetheless. Now let the speculation begin. Is this a simple mistake, or is there something else in the works?


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17 Sep 2012 21:30

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17 Sep 2012 21:43

GTA5 , Wii u exclusive (timed) confirmed.
<heck... if GAF can predict the future so can I>
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17 Sep 2012 21:44

It will be.....I can feel it in my bones
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17 Sep 2012 21:54

Mistake or not, I actually believe GTA5 will come to the Wii U. If Nintendo is pushing hard for core games to show they are trying to appeal more to the core again, then what better way to do so then by making sure that GTA5 is also available on the Wii U and not just the PS3/360/PC.
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17 Sep 2012 21:55


GOTY 2013
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17 Sep 2012 21:56

I wish it was something more than a slip up.

A GTA game on a Nintendo console (not a handheld) would be pretty great to see.
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17 Sep 2012 21:59

FrenchFryGuy wrote:Mistake or not, I actually believe GTA5 will come to the Wii U. If Nintendo is pushing hard for core games to show they are trying to appeal more to the core again, then what better way to do so then by making sure that GTA5 is also available on the Wii U and not just the PS3/360/PC.

Do we know any of the systems it's confirmed for? PC is a given, but is it coming to PS360 or to their successors? If it is coming to PS360 then a Wii U port could well be in the cards, if it's shooting for next gen then maybe not.
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17 Sep 2012 22:48

This is a nordic retailer, and by the looks of it (the language), it's the danish one. I looked and found the same listing on the swedish site as well. Not that it proves anyhing. My guess is that this is a guess or a mistake - but I also think there's a big chance that GTA 5 will be on Wii U next year or the year after that.
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17 Sep 2012 22:52

Nintendo would be insane if they're not doing everything in their power to cort Take 2 and GTA V. It's going to be a huge game, and would prove their commitment to the core to get it on the system at some point. Preferably concurrent with the PS360 launch.
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18 Sep 2012 01:57

speculation , nintendo is already obviously doing all they can to get all the game they can , it's not a question now . They are rescuing dead games , slightly altering failed game , going for companion game , the whole eshop thing that apparently did grab some . Nope they did everything , they can , even to providing a compatible platform .
And yet they won't get those games , because those games also sell as an anti nintendo device .... in the twisted head of the person responsible for that decision .
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18 Sep 2012 03:09


sadly I don't think they are doing everything in their power to ensure GTA 5 hits the Wii U.
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18 Sep 2012 04:21

chris_the_wing wrote:Do we know any of the systems it's confirmed for? PC is a given, but is it coming to PS360 or to their successors? If it is coming to PS360 then a Wii U port could well be in the cards, if it's shooting for next gen then maybe not.

Its PS3 and 360. There was code for Max Payne 3 with cars from the game. Doesn't mean to say it won't be on the successors but its more likely current gen.

I say its legit. Nintendo want core gamers. That would come to the top of my list and if its out next year there isn't any reason for it not to happen. Zelnick saying "he's skeptical" doesn't mean anything really. I say he's bluffing because he knows the more platforms he puts it on the more money he gets. And just because he is opposed to Nintendo doesn't mean Rockstar or anyone else at Take 2 is.
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18 Sep 2012 06:19

Well. I see no reason it would not hit the U! OK, I know they said it wouldn't since "their games don't sell on Nintendo platforms", but when did they try at all? NAH!

But in reality there is no reason not to release it o the U.

Personally I don't care since it looks like San Andreas 2... San Andreas was crap!
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18 Sep 2012 06:21

It's real. I bet at least. R* is having a meeting on Sept. 20 about their lineup for their next quarters. I'm sure that the game is gonna come to all viable platforms - PC, PS3, 360, Wii U

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18 Sep 2012 07:27


I have no doubt in my mind this is definately going to happen. It just makes logical sense for my top 10 reasons:

1) Modus Operandi: Essential in Ninty trying to re-cort the hardcore gamer audience

2) Family Range: Like COD:Black Ops 2, dads (guys my age at 36) will happily buy the new cheap nintendo to play it on - that way kids have got their ninty games, mums have thie simple touchscreen downloadables and dad get's to play GTA5... and he doesn't have to buy one of the new thousand-dollar consoles to play it on.

3) Mainstream Expectation: It completes the popular hardcore trilogy needed to look serious COD:BO2, Assasins Creed 3 and GTA5. (and with Battlefield 4, Aliens, Darksiders 2, ZombiU that's one kick-ass mainstream gamer line-up... and I bet my bottom dollar that ol' porting kings Capcom give us Resident Evil 6, especially after coming back to ninty on the 3DS...gotta keep that brand momentum going with the Nintendo audience)

4) Past History: Reggie courted Take Two bigtime, just to give the DS a GTA entry. Doesn't anyone recall his video interviews during that time.? Him saying it was integral and so important and was publically vocal about it. Well, relaunching their brand to the masses makes it much more integral and important this time around.

5) Quality Control and Cost: Take Two will probably have spent about $150million making it for PC and consoles, so they are going to want to use the most powerful console to their advantage. 60fps at 720p perhaps? Have it running on a console without screen-tearing and slowdown. 360 and Ps3 have a hard enough time running GTA4, it's going to probably run like ass on those consoles, compared to PC...so why not put it on a console that could functionally run it...that way when they demo a console version to the public it can look sweet as, bro. Oh yeah and if they only move a couple of million copies on WiiU that covers a fair bit of advertising budget spent promoting it across all platforms. Business sense.

6) Future Cash: I have no doubts Take Two will want to monetize the GTA world, buying fancy cars, bling etc as DLC will make them an absolute packet on this outing... so why not be on the console that has NFC tech? If it were my business I'd want to be on the only machine that you can so easily swipe your credit card over the controller to buy said extras. More business sense.

7) Easy Navigation and Control: Like Assasins Creed 3 the WiiU is simply perfect for the open-world. Hud-free display, touchscreen map and a simple touch of a screen iconto choose your weapons. Want to drive somewhere with your GPS? Then simply draw a line across the map to where you want to go, and voila, that line snaps to the shortest route just like that. Get a phonecall mission and it comes through the controller's speakers, for more immersion. Motion control to fly your chopper, if you so desire to switch on that option. Hold the screen up in front of your TV to sniper with more fluid accuracy. etc etc etc.

8) Assymetric Gameplay: Nintendo are pushing that angle with Nintendoland, so it shall be no different playing co-op on the couch. One player has his own screen, ala COD:BO2, while the other then uses the TV... which will be a head-turner. Imagine running around the streets below taking out the badguys while your mate is hovering above in his chopper waiting to rescue you from the barrage of baddies? Couch co-op GTA could possibly be huge for the series.

9) Extended Development: They announced the game quite early, showed off the first trailer then announced they would be pushing it further and further away from release. Many thought it could be due to the next wave of playsation and xbox consoles...all seems suspiciously like they had a new toy called a WiiU devkit to play with and they realised the game could be soooo much more. Kinda how like Aliens:Colonial Marines got pushed from October to next February, take advantage of this sweet new console and all of it's inherent features and extra power, to really 'wow' consumers with originalty, amongst a sea of games that are starting to all feel the same.

10) Rockstar: Getting the developer onboard is essential not just for GTA fans... but because we all know that something along the lines of 'Red Dead Revenge' will be a couple of years down the track and Nintendo need to have that game as well. And most people will say "Yeah but they will make it for the more powerful consoles and downgrade for the WiiU by the time it comes out", which is a fair call. But what is also a fair call is that for this gen games are costing over $100million for a game of this quality and scope, so why wouldn't Rockstar just want to make games at a WiiU level so that each of their games doesn't take 10 years to make at a cost of $300 million? If the other two consoles leap ahead in graphics and power then they are going to be doing all these publishers a disservice, due to cost and development time. Nintendo offer Rockstar a potential reason to only have to make that incremental jump in cost and time...and I think they'd be jumping at it...because they know that all their fans will buy their games regardless, because we all allow open-world games to look shovel, because we know they have to, due to their immense scope. Once again business sense...during an ever-worsening worldwide economy, where most people will suffice with playing crap on their IPhones.
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18 Sep 2012 08:01

Woah wall of text above me...but anyway I'd love to see GTA5 on Wii U I just hope it's better than the craptacular GTA4....I wasted 20 bucks on that shovel!
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18 Sep 2012 10:57

Weird, I went off to watch Boardwalk Empire then came back to re-read my wall of text and where I had meant to write "shoddier" I wrote "shovel". In no way did I think the graphics of GTA4 looked like "Ninjabread Man"! Laugh out loud. Although, I have indeed had more fun with a shovel....trying to bury my dissapointed memory of the over-hyped experience. I hope they bring the fun factor back to GTA. Perhaps WiiU will be the instigator of such fun.
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18 Sep 2012 17:23

Doubt it'll be on the Wii U.

And even if it does, GTA nosedived after Vice City [imho] anyway.

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