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Carpenter: Make many goods. Job is 'taught' by master Rikku. He and his younger sister Hoippu will assist you. Create strong items for adventuring or just cool furniture for your house. Collecting materials for building will sometimes require help from lumberjacks and seamstresses.

Seamstress: Make clothes. Master is Maimu, who is famous not only in the starting town of Kuruburuku, but all over the world. If you make clothes unlike those seen before, you can request rare materials that you may need to assist you on your adventure.

Blacksmith: Master is Barukan, he seems tough but underneath he is kind.

Chef: Master is Kongasu. He's an owner of a 5-star restaurant.

Alchemist: Master is Yaaku. If you work hard, maybe you will be able to create items only possible in legends. Better at battling than you might think.


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19 Sep 2012 22:26

Wonder if you can switch jobs. But I guess choosing one from the start will make for a unique experience rather than constantly switching.
User avatar
20 Sep 2012 02:06

Man, I'm really hoping this one makes its way to other regions!

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