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Criterion 'not talking about' Need for Speed: Most Wanted Wii U yet

You know how we're still waiting for a confirmation on Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Wii U? Seems like we may have gotten our best tip yet from Leanne Loombe, producer at Criterion. When she was asked about the Wii u version, she said, "No, we're not talking about Wii U at the moment." That would indicate that talk will come later, not that there isn't a version in the works. I guess we'll just have to hold out a bit longer! Thanks to XDDX for the heads up.


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User avatar
21 Sep 2012 05:14

Why not talk about Burnout instead? Preferably a new one in the style of the PS2 originals, on any console I don't care.
No Avatar
21 Sep 2012 05:32

oh that's good news indeed, i would prefer a new burnout 3 not revenge not paradise but that doesn't seem possible
User avatar
21 Sep 2012 08:12

I would prefer a new Burnout in the style of 2 myself...
User avatar
21 Sep 2012 10:02

Seriously, why all the secret? It's not going to help the game sell.

It's probably a crap version or else they would talk about it already.
User avatar
21 Sep 2012 12:55

Hmm. It would be nice to see...

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