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Unity explains why they chose Wii U, discusses potential for 3DS support

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Unity's Tracy Erickson...

Nintendo Life: In simple terms, what does the Unity deal mean for Nintendo fans?

Tracy Erickson: Great games. Unity support for Wii U means a new generation of developers has the opportunity to create games on Nintendo's forthcoming consoles. For the first time, independent developers have a clear path to console and we're eager to see Nintendo embrace this new relationship with indies. On the other end, some of the industry's most recognisable developers and publishers - Obsidian Entertainment, Ubisoft, SEGA, even Nintendo themselves - are adopting Unity because it's easy to use. This makes it possible to develop high quality games in shorter time; more games from a greater variety of developers meeting the Nintendo Seal of Quality can only be a good thing.

NL: Only Wii U has been mentioned specifically so far in relation to the deal, but could the scaleable nature of the Unity engine mean increased support for existing systems, like the Wii and 3DS?

TE: Actually, Unity already supports Wii. Obviously, there aren't a ton of Unity games on Wii - that's a separate discussion as to why - and that's what prompted this unique partnership with Nintendo for Wii U. We knew that having a closer relationship with Nintendo was critical to Unity being a success on their console; Nintendo understood that embracing the Unity community is fundamental to the console's long term vitality.

Regarding Nintendo 3DS, that's kinda like asking about Pikmin 4 when Pikmin 3 hasn't even come out yet! The relationship between Nintendo and Unity has reached an exciting new level and we're focused on Wii U. Timing is important here since the console launches in this year, too. While there are no current plans to support Nintendo 3DS, we're always looking at what platforms make sense for us to support, where developer demand is, and the opportunities available for our developer community.

Full interview here

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User avatar
23 Sep 2012 13:43

I've only seen unity on not so great looking ios games. But from what i hear it's also used in certain PC games. Does anyone have any footage of a good looking game that runs on unity?
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 13:44

Unity makes sense on the 3DS, especially on the eShop
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 13:47

@LegendofSantiago http://unity3d.com/gallery/made-with-unity/game-list this is the page of their games running on unity. the only Wii game I managed to find is Unearthed
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 13:53

@shadowbuster Nothing very impressive, then again they where mostly ios games.
This looks kind of nice i guess http://www.madfingergames.com/images/ga ... gun_05.jpg
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 13:57

@LegendofSantiago Most of these games are created by indie developers. If a big company gets its hands on this engine, it could actually push the graphics further
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 14:24

Watch the Water, Shadows and Post Processing videos, they look quite impressive.
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 14:36

@Steam Industries Nothing too impressive IMO. I expected more by videos meant to showcase the power of the engine.
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 16:43

God, all of those games on consoles and PC look awful.

As for the mobile games, I don't care for them.
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 17:10

Take a look at Rochard, it has good graphics and nice physics. The engine is pretty good, if you know how to use it.
User avatar
23 Sep 2012 19:00

LegendofSantiago wrote:@Steam Industries Nothing too impressive IMO. I expected more by videos meant to showcase the power of the engine.

Endless Space, Gemini Wars, Rochard, Shad'O, and Stellar Impact are all rather attractive games. The appeal of Unity isn't really the tech though; it's cheap to acquire and use and is relatively flexible. Having robust support for it on Wii U will be helpful for cultivating an environment where smaller developers have a chance to be successful, but it's not something Nintendo themselves are likely to need or use with flagship products when they have teams like Retro and EAD Tokyo doing their sorcery.
No Avatar
23 Sep 2012 19:21

so it's my understanding that the nintendo development kit includes the physics engine havok and unity , quite a new arrangement apparently , always good to have it , i think . Rochard is quite a good game , too bad i just bought it the day before the new bundle .... but still the wiimote nunchuk combo is superior IMO to the keyboard mouse , even gamepad and mouse since the wiimote configuration got a lot more easy to access buttons

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