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Fan-Art: The Legend of Zelda time-lapse painting

Direct link here (thanks Shanna!)

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24 Sep 2012 01:04

You guys should really check out the art in the 3D Colors app on the 3DS. If you like this... your in for a treat on that app's gallery. You can also view a time-lapse of 'all' the art on there.
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24 Sep 2012 03:17

Its nice to see someone using traditional media, especially with a subject that rarely sees any (of good quality at least).
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24 Sep 2012 06:18

Good to see traditional mediums in use, but it's a pity she only (slightly wonkily) copied the official art for TP and the boxart of SSBB
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24 Sep 2012 09:05

Checked out her site just because I was curious and found that she's selling the painting for 850£.

That just feels crazy. I mean, sure. I get it, doing a traditional painting is really hard and the equipment also costs money, but at least to me that does not look like a 850£ painting, For that much money I honestly can go to a local art dealer and get something of much higher quality (in my opinion at least).

Just because something features pop-culture doesn't make it ok to take insane prices for it. But if she manages to sell it for that price, good for her I guess.

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