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Europe - Online Wii U adverts pop up, some showing Nov. 23rd release

Here's an odd one for you. Certain sites are displaying Wii U release date advertisements. We know the European date to be Nov. 30th, but these ads are stating differently.

Here's the really odd part. These ads only show up if you don't have Flash enabled. If you do have Flash working, you get the Nov. 30th release. Now how strange is that!?


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No Avatar
24 Sep 2012 17:32

It would be really great if the system came out a week early. Too bad this is most likely a mistake...
User avatar
24 Sep 2012 17:32

Yay, glitches!

Or maybe there's a first edition bundle in the worX. :0
User avatar
24 Sep 2012 17:36

I'm betting on a mistake where they forgot to update the non-flash banners.
No Avatar
24 Sep 2012 18:17

I guess that was their original date, but was forced to move it
User avatar
24 Sep 2012 19:56

yea, seems like whoever the adserver is got the static backup ads with the original 23rd launch date, but then received flash updates listing the 30th. They never requested or received revisions to the static images. Some parties are going to be in some deep shovel
User avatar
25 Sep 2012 02:32

Let's all uninstall it then :P
User avatar
25 Sep 2012 09:15

@KirbyIsAwesome This.

No way would they change the release date this abruptly after an official event confirmation... *sighs*

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