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Level 5 International America opens blackbox teaser site

Level 5 International America sent out a simple tweet. They asked what we thought was in the box. The box they're referring to is the one seen above, which can be found on their Blackbox teaser site. No idea what this is all about, but let's hope it leads to some 3DS localizations!

Site here


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User avatar
02 Oct 2012 14:22

Guild 01, it better be.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 14:28

I want Fantasy Life dammit!!
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 15:05

How about Guild 01 considering Liberation Maiden has been rated by the OFLC and USK.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 15:59

I hope the box contains a top hat and an attorney's badge.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 16:20

if u click on it it shakes around a little.
No Avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:02

DelightfullyDreadful wrote:The slow invasion?
Having witnessed the outcome of a Doctor Who episode entitled The Power of Three, one could only fathom the surprise waiting for us. I watch with a cautious eye. :lol:

I agree, it's a plot of the Shakri. Flee. FLEEEEEEE!!!

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