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EA dodges accusations of FIFA 12/13 Wii being the same game

When EA was contacted about FIFA 12 being largely repackaged as FIFA 13 for Wii, here's what a rep had to say.

FIFA 13 has “the same great gameplay” and EA “felt it was important to continue to offer fans the opportunity to play an authentic football experience on Wii.”

In other words, they just dodged the question. Perhaps a statement from Peter Moore is more telling of the situation.

“Year on year, Wii has just dropped, and clearly we don’t make games for it anymore.”

They don't make new games...they just repackage and repurpose old games, then pretend they are new.


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No Avatar
04 Oct 2012 13:42

2K Sports have been doing this for a few years already sadly and yet still advertise the Wii versions with the scores that the other versions get.

You'd think that they'd take the 3DS versions and just port those if they really cant' be bothered.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 13:47

EA are the scum of the industry.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 13:51

And even more fuel to the "Never buy an EA game" fire. :lol:
No Avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:25

Honestly, this is why I only buy new versions of sports games every 5-10 years. Even if there are "huge changes" that the developer boasts, when you sit down with the game it usually feels virtually identical to last years game.
I also don't expect anyone to experiment with new gameplay on the Wii at this point. PES, Madden & others made efforts to create a Wii specific experience early on, with some being more successful then others, but at this point with diminishing Wii sales I don't blame anyone for sticking with what works.
No Avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:12

And EA wonders why nobody who owns Nintendo systems support them. You've gave us $hit on the Wii and blamed the consumer for not buying your trash, now you're gonna do it agin with WiiU. Smart f*****s over that at EA... Can't even remember the last EA game I got, oh wait, the Dead Space on rails adventure from the used games bin for $10...
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:50

Well, if people buy Call of Duty and Halo year after year, only fair that EA takes a shot, too.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 16:17

I have heard the same thing about FIFA 13 on the PS Vita as well, that it was just last year's game with new rosters. I don't know how true that is having not played it myself though, but it wouldn't surprise me.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 20:05

"EA “felt it was important to continue to offer fans the opportunity to play an authentic football experience on Wii.”

And I feel it is important to continue to bash EA for continuing to be the soulless evil money grubbers that you are. Burn, witches!
User avatar
05 Oct 2012 00:30

C'mon guys, this deserves at least 10,000,000 thumbs down!!!
motherbra1n wrote:EA are the scum of the industry.

God they are going to kill the MMA video game industry. They already absorbed all the rights to the UFC from THQ (who were doing a nice job). EA MMA was okay. Now they're gonna give us less than UFC Undisputed 3 (including fighters), charge $2 for addition fighters, and w***e is out worse than Madden! :evil:
User avatar
05 Oct 2012 01:10

Tell em like it is Jim Sterling!!

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... le-Hate-EA

EA is the f****** rectal cancer of videogames

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