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No plans for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Western release yet, but don't give up

A portion of an RPGLand interview with producer Tomoya Asano...

RPGLand: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers, in closing?

Mr. Asano: I know that we don’t have plans to bring the game over to America yet, but thank you for your interest in the game. Keep talking about it on Facebook and Twitter, and keep watching for new info from us!

Full interview here (thanks Chaos_Warchild!)

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User avatar
08 Oct 2012 14:55

The west isn't getting it till Fall 2013 at the earliest then...
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 15:00

I want that game so much... :/
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 15:09

The dreaded "No plans for localization" rears its head once more. NoE, do something!
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 15:13

sonofa.... I need this game though!
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 15:15

I'd be honestly surprised if this one doesn't get a Western release at all, but it's getting really tiring to see the industry doing that "Go beg on Facebook and Twitter for it! Promote it on your blug/tumblr/reddit/whatever. Gogogo, our little drones!" thing more and more, basically outsourcing their PR to the simple masses. I can see how social media can be an increasingly solid tool to gather feedback and skip the whole "focus group" thing, but at the same time the "Beg for it." shtick is getting cancerous.
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 15:32

I don't get it. generally even a mediocre selling RPG in the west usually outsells it's japanese release. Japan studios/publishers, please remove heads from asses.
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 17:54

Leaving that game only for Japan is the true crime, Squenix.
User avatar
08 Oct 2012 18:56

Not planned but there's hope..... where have I heard that before...... ajglkaegl;aiewgik
User avatar
09 Oct 2012 03:55

I'd like to see this here. Slime Rocket first though. Please.

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