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AKB48+Me retail version to include digital copy

UPDATE - It seems that some people are disputing the translation, saying it doesn't indicate a digital copy included in the retail version. We'll see if we can't get another translation to clear up this issue.

Looks like AKB48+Me is going to be an even more important third party release in Japan. We already know the game will hit both eShop and retail the same day. What we've just learned is that the retail version will also include a digital copy. Let's hope this is a trend that continues with more 3DS games, both retail and eShop!


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User avatar
10 Oct 2012 13:07

Everybody wins! This might however cut sales in half...
one person keeps physical, gives digital copy to another..
User avatar
10 Oct 2012 13:19

This is perfect. Hopefully everyone follows their example!
User avatar
10 Oct 2012 15:50

Holy crap. This is huge!
No Avatar
10 Oct 2012 16:17

they still miss the point entirely with this game . The very niche audience of those games are going to flock to the heavy in video psp (or vita?) game , that's what those players / fans want. Just like miku , it's a half game even maybe just a spinoff , they did not dare got all out of the game . Of couse since the psp , ps3 and vita mostly rely nowadays of those niche games based on anime and some idols (well except this week), that tiny but willing to pay audience is maybe not going to move .
Still there was no reason to do so .... especially with the 3ds xl ;
No Avatar
10 Oct 2012 20:59

It indeed does not say anything about getting a free download copy if you purchase the physical one. It just says that it'll also sell the download copy alongside the normal, physical one.
User avatar
11 Oct 2012 08:39

If it sounds too good to be true...

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