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Pokemon-themed train hitting Japan

Pokemon with You Train!

- coming from JR East
- starts December 22
- includes a special play space
- will be in service around the Tohoku are

More pics here

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14 Oct 2012 14:41

Damnit Japan!

All of my train tickets. @_@
User avatar
14 Oct 2012 14:46

User avatar
14 Oct 2012 15:03

Hahah, I bet kids are gonna love this, that's awesome!
User avatar
14 Oct 2012 15:12

Only in Japan. I wish that wasn't the case.
User avatar
14 Oct 2012 15:34

It looks like a portable Pokemon GYM.
No Avatar
14 Oct 2012 17:03

That's really cool! I wish they had stuff like that in the US. :(
No Avatar
14 Oct 2012 18:47

Things like this wouldn't even survive in countries like the US.
This would get damaged/destroyed by random people within hours. Yup, different mentality.

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