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Injustice: Gods Among Us - online features, Wii U details, secret costumes

The following info and comments come from NetherRealm producer Hector Sanchez...

On online...

"Imagine the online availability that we had in Mortal Kombat just on steroids."

King of the Hill mode
- 8 players fighting, watching, and waiting for their time
- will include new 'King of the Hill' features

On clash and wager system...

"We're really tweaking it. It's going to be an enhanced version of a combo breaker. There's going to some sort of meta game that's going to be integrated with it."

- Wii U version will incorporate GamePad as much as possible
- will not feature significantly different gameplay from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions
- Wii U version launching same time as other versions
- expect secret costumes

On fan input...

"Ed Boon is on Twitter and he listens to fan feedback all the time. If you can convince him, then it's going to get in the game. He's the man with the golden key."


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User avatar
15 Oct 2012 15:08

Day 1 Purchase! I may not be a DC Fan, but this game looks really good.
User avatar
15 Oct 2012 15:18

The online experince on MK9 es SUPREMRE, the best of the best for me, thank God NR is a really good Developer Team and they really take care of everything, day 1 for me too.
User avatar
15 Oct 2012 19:54

I actually had no idea that this was going to be on Wii U. Pretty cool news if you ask me. Hopefully more western devs show support as well.

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