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Two Tribes discovers new Wii U hardware feature that improves development

Coming from Two Tribes' Twitter...

Today we discovered a new hardware feature of the Wii U that shaves off 100 megabytes of texture memory usage in Toki Tori 2! ...it means we spend less time loading and have more memory available when the game is running.

What is this new-found feature going to do for Toki Tori 2? Two Tribes says the game will now have faster loading times.


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22 Oct 2012 13:41

The second part was a tweet to me. I wonder if this is a feature that was just made available or two tribes just discovered it existed. 100mb extra is quite a bit considering how much more ram the wii u has when compared to other platforms.
User avatar
22 Oct 2012 13:44

Damn 100MBs is a lot!
User avatar
22 Oct 2012 14:14


they said it isn't ASTC

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