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Random Time! - Have we already seen the weirdest Wii U toy?

Who's going to be brave enough to try this one? It's a compound that you mix together and press into...a Mario mustache. You get a fake GamePad to store it all in as well. I can only imagine what this will do to the skin! Thanks to Darkuni for the heads up.


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23 Oct 2012 02:01

what is this I don't even
User avatar
23 Oct 2012 13:37

I've seen another picture of this. Without the mustache blocking the bottom of the Mario "GamePad" piece, you can clearly see that this is modeled after the original, E3 2011 "prototype" Gamepad design. Makes you wonder if these went into production a long time ago, as maybe Wii U WAS really supposed to come out earlier?
User avatar
23 Oct 2012 18:57

You can easily get this if you want. It's one of the Burger King Wii U toys!

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