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Final Fantasy's original battle system was inspired by...the NFL!

A portion of a 1up interview with Square-Enix's Hiroyuki Ito...

1UP: So did you create the battle system, or work on balancing it...?

HI: I actually created the battle system, yes.

1UP: What was your inspiration for that?

HI: Basically, there's no one inspiration that I got that battle system from. It was just a logical process, where I thought, "How can I create an efficient battle system for a role-playing game?" That's the answer that I came to. At the root of it all, though, there's a basic kind of system that comes from professional sports...

1UP: Any particular sport that you had in mind?

HI: Yeah, the NFL. Football is probably the closest thing.

Full interview here

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User avatar
23 Oct 2012 01:20

No wonder why it sucks....
No Avatar
23 Oct 2012 02:29

Square-Enix should make a football game. Lol.
User avatar
23 Oct 2012 18:29

That's pretty interesting.
User avatar
23 Oct 2012 19:05

RPG combat based on Football? Now, I seen everything. ^_^
User avatar
23 Oct 2012 23:10

So does that mean Jerry Rice beats everything ever in Final Fantasy as well=??? XD

(says the hardcore 49ers fan who knows all kinds of ridiculous trivial information on the team)

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