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EoD - Splatoon quiet

Kickstarter - NES classic Shadowgate getting remake

- Over 60 rooms of first-person, fantasy adventuring
- Many new puzzles from the original creators
- Intuitive command-based UI
- Beautifully painted, hi-resolution artwork
- Compelling game play and storytelling
- Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device support
- Two soundtrack modes (Cinematic and original NES) and environmental soundscapes
- Atmospheric and object-specific animations
- In-game hint system

More screens here

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No Avatar
25 Oct 2012 13:24

No 3DS version?
No Avatar
27 Oct 2012 22:51

There's been a lot of requests for seeing it released on other consoles and systems outside of PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. This also isn't the only place where 3DS has been suggested/requested.

The problem is that there are a lot more hoops and obstacles in getting it out on any of the Big 3's virtual marketplaces:

XBLA, PSN, WiiWare, Virtual Console, and eShop.

But the better the campaign performs, the more options open up. Some situations might change from us having to go to them, to them coming to us. (Maybe)

We're listening to what everyone has to say, and we'd love to meet everyone's expectations. But we gotta meet that first goal before we can do anything else. :)

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