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Capcom offering prize to first person that beats Ghosts 'n Goblins on 3DS eShop

As you likely know, GnG is not a forgiving series, and I'd wager the NES version is one of the hardest out there. I can handle Genesis Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and hold my own in Super GnG, but hoo boy the NES one really whips me. And so... if you can beat the 3DS one, I'll send the first person who can post visual evidence these awesome Capcom shotglasses!

Here's the deal - take a picture of you and the 3DS with the ending screen clearly visible. Now, I mean the real ending, from the second playthrough! First person to post that image in the comments below, gets the shotglasses! (NA only, postage and rules etc :/)

You have from now until Halloween to save Princess Prin Prin!


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User avatar
25 Oct 2012 18:37

Dang! Now that's a challenge! Too bad I'd only want the Mega Man glass.
User avatar
25 Oct 2012 18:37

Good luck to anyone who wants those shotglasses! :D
User avatar
25 Oct 2012 18:41

I've only beaten the first round on the original NES. There's so much stuff you need to prepare for when playing this :/
No Avatar
25 Oct 2012 18:44

heh i just replayed the game for fun this weekened and finished both rounds of the game, but im cheap so i know i wouldnt have bought it for 3ds anyway
User avatar
25 Oct 2012 19:06

Someone has to get the AGVN to do this he just made a video doing it.
No Avatar
25 Oct 2012 19:11

in six days? Good fucking luck!
User avatar
25 Oct 2012 19:24

I know the Ambassador ones do, but do the rest of the 3DS eshop NES games have save states?

That makes this Herculean task a little easier/tolerable!

EDIT: Well the Ambassador games that have been released on the eshop to the public as well.
No Avatar
25 Oct 2012 19:55

I heard 3 great bits of advice to anyone trying this by the AVGN.

1. Get the knife
2. Get the knife
User avatar
25 Oct 2012 20:25

If I had a 3DS I'd definitely take the challenge! More companies need to promote games this way, as skill-based challenges.

On a side-note, the NES version is hard, but the arcade version is outright brutal. Hell, it's hard to a FAULT! That's something I've never said for ANY game so you can bet your money that GnG arcade won't just bust your balls, but hang you by them over a mega shark and dinocroc-infested waters while it's a hail storm with golf-ball sized hails and killer bees swarm around your head.

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