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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward has a save-killing bug

UPDATE - We're hearing of another bug in a different room.

My game save was lost after saving during the room called the "Crew's Quarters" with partners being Alice and Phi. I saved to take a break because I was stuck on one of the puzzles, came back and was greeted with the black screen of nothing.

Reader Compc sends in this tale of woe...

The 3DS version of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward has a game breaking bug that will corrupt your save file! If you save your game during the escape section in the PEC room, the game will crash after a little while and when you try to load your save, the game will tell you that the save data is corrupt and that it needs to be deleted.

Let's hope Aksys gets a fix out for this one soon. Losing a save file in this game would be oh-so painful!


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User avatar
26 Oct 2012 18:17

That is sad... well I will remember to only save in novel sections.

Oh by the way... another bug (although not too much of an issue) is the bug that while in the crew cabins, if you open your notes before you finish scraping off the poster with the girl on it, you won't be able to close them. Didn't save in about 2 hours when it happened to me, wasn't that sad at all, just a little obnoxious.

On another note, despite the bugs, the game is still brilliant, I recommend it those who like puzzles or visual novels.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 18:21

Glad I got the Vita version.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 19:01

I was gonna ask if the Vita version has the same glitch, but the forum says it does not. I wonder how the 3DS version got this.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 19:15

Only game I've ever had that happen on was Earthbound.
I turend it on one day, couldnt find the save state, and it apologized to me.
It was sad, but funny that the game actually apologized. They put so much into that game.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 20:05

Hmm......has Aksys had a history of patching games?
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 20:06

Aksys really needs to release a patch. i don't want this to happen to me when i play it next week
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 20:55

I emailed Aksys and they said they're investigating the issue and "looking for a solution." So that's good!

They also said to be sure not to save in that puzzle room. To be safe, just don't save in any puzzle rooms.
No Avatar
27 Oct 2012 08:18

Lucky I got stuck in that room and googled.. I would've ended up saving and cursing everything for losing 15 hours of game.. My heart goes out to this guy who was 25 hours in. That is PAINFUL.

No more saving in puzzle rooms for me..

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