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We survived Hurricane Sandy well enough to bring you another podcast! What's going on for this show? With my parents living at our place while the power is out, my Mom decides to join the show for the very first time! Certainly took her long enough to check the show out!

Poopaloop isn't around for today's podcast image. He's going to work on a new image that I can add in later, or perhaps we'll hold onto it for next week's show. With that said, I figured I would grab something from Poopaloop's tumblr that fits the occasion!

Download the show here (thanks Poopaloop!)

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User avatar
04 Nov 2012 00:08

WHAAAAAAT! RawMom's on the show?!
User avatar
04 Nov 2012 10:01

Says thanks MoldyClay, but I didn't draw that. Hahaha.

That's from Poopaloop's Tumblr.

EDIT: And now it's fixed! Rejoice.
User avatar
04 Nov 2012 12:20

I whole-heartedly agree with that comic. I remember watching that show at 6:30am on a Thursday morning and I couldn't function for the rest of the day. It was so dang emotional.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 13:03

This almost seems wrong to post here, but they did talk about it on the show (:P):

Actually, George Lucas WILL be working on the new movies as a creative consultant. He even came up with the treatment for the new trilogy and other stories beyond it for Disney. He's still very much involved, and that's a good thing. Nobody knows Star Wars like the man who created it, and hopefully some day, when it stops being cool to rag on Lucas for doing what he does and creating movies that defy our expectations, people can appreciate that. :/
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 13:14


It should also be noted that he didn't even direct 2 of the original films. He only directed STAR WARS and the prequel trilogy.

If I am not mistaken.

So I don't know why anyone would get upset if his involvement wasn't as all over it as it was before.

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