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Nintendo's digital shops undergoing special maintenance this Tuesday

Wonder what's going on. I guess this could be some initial work for the launch of the Wii U. I guess we'll find out after maintenance is over! Thanks to Brandon for the heads up.

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04 Nov 2012 18:57

I don't care what kind of maintenance they're doing, I just want to know when Retro City Rampage comes out
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04 Nov 2012 19:30

*sniff* *sniff* is that a Nintendo Direct I smell!?
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04 Nov 2012 19:32


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04 Nov 2012 19:43

ZeldaPrime wrote:*sniff* *sniff* is that a Nintendo Direct I smell!?

The smell is faint, yet ominous...

It was at that moment that President Iwata formally declared war in the Online Isles, promising that he would "drop the bomb" sometime between now and November the 18th...

But in all honesty though, it's probably going to be this week, given that Ninty finally revealing the info of its online infrastructure (basically) the week that the U comes out seems a little dubious.
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04 Nov 2012 19:59

Maybe Nintendo will unify Wii U and 3DS accounts AND tie all app purchases to an account, so that if you lose your 3DS, you won't have to contact Nintendo and cross your fingers. AND allow VC games to be shared between systems!

Ahh, one can dream.
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04 Nov 2012 20:05

... and yay, when the eShop arose, there was Unchained Blades.
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04 Nov 2012 20:18

Need to finally give us the Nintendo ID we've been waiting for. And that means VC titles should be able to be played on any system that you own that it's avaialbe for. I.E. only buy Super Mario Bros once, can play it on any of the systems.
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04 Nov 2012 21:53

I hope it's the start of Nintendo Network ID accounts. Why not get it ready a few weeks before?


Don't forget being able to play SNES games on 3DS. That'll be amazing and then I'd probably bite into getting more VC games. I have bought only like 7 VC games since 2007 and now. Wanna take them every where with me :D
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04 Nov 2012 23:19

Maybe an announcement on GameCube and GBA VC titles hitting the Wii U and 3DS? And a unified VC and NintendoWare account? Either way,
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05 Nov 2012 01:15

This means good things in the near future!
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05 Nov 2012 09:04

@komicturtle92 Yep.

Need to test it and all, otherwise we could get an ugly, buggy experience when we first power on our Wii U's in 2 / 4 weeks time.

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