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User avatar
05 Nov 2012 14:23

D: c'mon Nintendo i'm still wating for "Club Nintendo Picross"... so close...DX
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 14:26

again, huh? :\

at least it's a good one
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 15:12


On sale twice in a row and then this? Good game or not, stop shoving this crap in my face.
No Avatar
05 Nov 2012 15:22

They already gave it away once.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 18:01

Well, might as well get this game. Already passed it up multiple times and with Wii U coming out, I think this will be my last chance.
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 18:08

If they're just going to keep doing this why not just offer every downloadable (previously offered) on a permanent basis from now on. :|
User avatar
05 Nov 2012 19:48

Can't we have Mario's Super Picross on Wii VC over here instead? Europe's had it on their VC for years now.

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