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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - My Mom is becoming her own gamer

Thanks to Poopaloop for the image!

Paper Mario: Sticker Star review coming at noon today! While you wait to check that out, have a read of this End of Day thought. My Mom becomes more of a gamer every day, and I'm more proud than ever of that! See you in a few, short hours.

Here in NJ, we're still fighting off the impact of Hurricane Sandy. We're slowly getting back on our feet. Many homes across NJ are playing host to multiple family/friends. That's what's still going on at GoNintendo HQ. We have a few people come by and stay here due to lack of power. Since the day after the hurricane, my parents have been here. For my Mom, this is been a wonderful excuse to game more than usual.

I've played video games with my Mom for years and years. She may not have started off as a gamer, but we both grew up alongside the games I enjoyed. She would play the titles that I really latched onto. This is how she became a fan of Legend of Zelda, Mario, Castlevania, Tetris and many more.

That's how things were while I grew up. She wouldn't purchase her own games/systems, but instead, would just play what I picked up. The more she played, the more she got into gaming. That's why she was so sad to see me move out a few years back. Sure, she would miss me, but she was also going to miss out on her gaming fix!

Since I moved out, I picked up a DS, 3DS and PS3 for my Mom. With the DS, she mostly borrowed what I had and downloaded/purchased games at my suggestion. With the PS3 she was doing the same. When it comes to the 3DS, I can truly see that my Mom is becoming her own gamer. She's still checking out what I like and asking what I'm into, but she's also venturing into her own games. The 3DS eShop has opened her eyes to a bunch of new experiences that I haven't even played.

That growth as a gamer really hit a new level today. During a discussion about games, my Mom blurted out that she is getting a Wii U. She never told me this before. She never said she wanted one or had plans to purchase. I can't even tell you how happy I was to hear this! She's already decided that she wants to get a Wii U. She isn't getting one at launch, but plans to get one soon thereafter.

I love sharing gaming experiences with my Mom, but this is a completely new experience for me. She's going to venture off into gaming on her own. We'll still trade games and share ideas on what to play, but she'll be looking into things more on her own than ever before. I feel like she's really growing up as a gamer! If there were a word to combine the feelings of pride and excitement, that's what I'm feeling right now!

Have you ever gotten a friend/family member interested in gaming over the years? Any converts among your ranks? Someone that didn't play games, but now enjoys them, thanks to your influence? Leave a comment and let us know.

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06 Nov 2012 05:48

That's really cool to hear! My dad got into gaming when he saw me play Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube. Though he couldn't play himself because of the complicated (for him) controls, he loved watching me play. Never before had he been so engrossed by a game.

So when the Wii version came out, I encouraged him to try it, figuring he could handle the simpler pointer-based controls. And though things were really (I mean really!) rough at first, he kept at it, long after I had left to go back home. And he played that game nearly every day for more than three years, eventually getting to a point where he was far better than I was. He discovered tricks and strategies I would have never thought of.

I would have never thought I'd see my dad play Resident Evil, let alone get better at it than me! Now if only they'd make a good sequel I could introduce him too =D
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06 Nov 2012 06:07

My auntie wasn't into any video games at all until she saw me playing Harvest Moon for Super NES over a decade ago. It wasn't Mario, Zelda, or Kirby that got her excited. It was farming.

Just a few years back, she bought a Wii for herself and her daughter, and owns all of the main Harvest Moon games for the system (including the SNES Harvest Moon game on Virtual Console). She isn't into combat games, but may give Rune Factory a chance one day. I've given her a few of my Wii games to have, but she still plays Harvest Moon more than anything else.

I've told her about Wii U, but she didn't know what it was. Immediately, she asks if it has Harvest Moon...I don't think she's that excited for the console yet.

Natsume, Marvelous, a brand new Harvest Moon for Wii U, please.
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 06:55

I got my mum hooked to Animal Crossing City Folk. She played it for almost 2 years daily (besides when on vacation) and loved it. A great bonding experience.

Since I am upgrading to a 3DS XL I plan on giving her my 3DS and a copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf when it comes out.
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 07:20

No, my parents were never in to video games. I think they would have rather me go play sports or something. My mom has started playing a lot of games on her computer, but it's stuff like poker and slot machines and other casino games. I did get my dad to play Wii Sports Golf one time. I've got my wife to play some, I got her a DS which she plays every once in a while, and sometimes she will play a Wii game. My son loves to play games though, and I got my daughter an NES, SNES, and N64 hooked up in her room, but she's not even a year old so she can't play them yet.
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06 Nov 2012 07:44

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06 Nov 2012 11:19

What a sweet story. I hope your mom enjoys her Wii U!
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06 Nov 2012 11:21

I'm jealous RMC. My parents were never into games. I've tried multiple times but I've really never even been able to get them to play. We've talked about gaming a few times so I know that my mom doesn't really hold any negative stigma towards gaming but she isn't interested in the least. My sister enjoys games but very very casually...and she lives 1000 miles away. When she visits we play sometimes. My girlfriend is the biggest opportunity for multiplayer gaming but she has some sort of fear of being bad or something so she never really plays. Shes bad at Mario Kart so she wont even play. One of the reasons I'm so excited for the Wii U is because of the opportunities with asymmetrical multiplayer. If i can get her playing, even if its little things like placing blocks in NSMBU i feel like theres a chance to turn her into a gamer
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 11:31

I'm happy for you RMC. I don't have any one in my family that shares my love for gaming. It must be nice!
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 12:59

A few years back my dad fell in love with resident evil 4. first he just played it on my gamecube, but soon after
i left home he bought his own 360. and now, a few years later, he ownes more games for the xbox than me....he loves to play call of duty and he even likes resident evil 6.
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 13:12

Does Rawmeat actually read these comments (besides the first of all top stories during the podcast)?
He rarely ever gets involved.
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06 Nov 2012 13:21

That's awesome RMC. I've been gradually getting my mom into gaming in recent years. I've been starting her off with really easy games but she's far from ready to start gaming on her own. I also got both my cousins playing World of Warcraft. I got a few of my friends gaming on PC, trying out MMO's, using Steam, and shopping for games on amazon.
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06 Nov 2012 13:23

Me and my dad, we used to play NES and SuperNES games together. Our favorites were shoot em ups (Aero fighters/Sonic wings was his favorite) and racing games. I remember one time we stood up all night playing RC pro AM on NES and he let me skip class in the morning :D. Good times.
As games got more complex he lost interest; actually, I bought a Wii to get him and my mom to play games with since the games were more accessible, but I couldn't besides a couple playing sessions of Grand slam tennis and Art of balance.
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06 Nov 2012 13:52

It was really nice to hear your Mom's opinions on the Podcast this week! It's not often that we get to hear opinions from the older generation.

TBH- I'm dreading taking the Wii U to my parent's house this Xmas- I don't think they'll 'get it' in the same way they 'got' the Wii. We'll see!

The last game I remember them playing reguularly was 'Bridge' a card game on our ZX Spectrum, but I suppose they were about the age I am now when they played that.

Yes, I think your Mom should be on the podcast every week- maybe she should be known as 'The REAL Momma Brain'...
User avatar
06 Nov 2012 16:35

awesome. that's great to see a person grow in her love for gaming and that it's something you can share with your family.

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