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RUMOR - EB Games Canada can't guarantee day-1 Wii U preorders

If you live in Canada and plopped down some preorder cash on a Wii U, you might want to check out your local EB Games. We're hearing a rumor that locations can't promise a Wii U to anybody who preordered after September 25th. Supposedly those people will have to wait until the second wave of shipments to get their system.


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User avatar
15 Nov 2012 15:39

Well...I just got a call yesterday saying that mine will be in Sunday.
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 18:31

Yeah, I can confirm this. I talked to my local EB Games and they have me covered. I feel bad for the rest of preorderees... :(
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 21:46

They accepted more preorders than they were given... Damn. :/
I'll be ok, I was the first to preorder at my local store. Still... It means it'll be hard to find one un Canada for some time.

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