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The 12 best Wii games no one played - feature here

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15 Nov 2012 21:03

I would add DeBlob 2 and Cursed Mountain to this list
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 21:13

Another List without Zack & Wiki

Another waste of time.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 21:24

I still don't see how anyone could think Red Steel 2 is a good game. It's WAY too repetitive. I did almost get Sakura Wars, but it lost out in competing for my money.
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 21:30

Excitebots "Can you still buy it? Easily. You can even find this one with the packed-in wheel accessories (that you should immediately toss in the garbage if you're not 12) for about $13."
What a stupid comment, the Wii Wheel makes it so much easier to play.
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15 Nov 2012 21:35

Wait, what? People really didn't pick up Wario Land Shake Dimension? That's news to me.
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15 Nov 2012 21:36

Dear Video Game internet websites:

If you make a list of games that "nobody has played," try not to mention games that have sold more than 100,000 copies. Because there is a very good chance those 100,000 gamers are readers of your website and have played the game, rendering your list redundant.
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 21:42

Deadly Creatures looks interesting. I might grab it.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 22:13

I've played/own 4 of 12... meant to pick up a few of the others, but never got around to it.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 22:15

red steel 2 was shallow but still fun. also buggy. i encountered a game breaking glitch half way through. the one were you walk through the door then fall through the ground.
as for excitebots, they never even released that game here.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 23:07

No Deadly Creatures or Guilty Party for me. (No one around here wants to play pseudo-board games.) I have all the rest. Why didn't Wii owners get a Japanese audio version of Sakura Wars So Long My Love? :(

KingBroly wrote:Another List without Zack & Wiki

Another waste of time.


Oh, and if no one played Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, does that mean we're not going to have to pay for the stupid Fire Emblem Awakening DLC? Maybe...they can even put it on the cart like it should be. :D
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 02:10

6/10. 2 in a genre I would still hesitate to buy even if they averaged 95/100, and the rest I'm totally aware of. Still have intentions to buy them, in fact.

Man, it must suck to be ignorant.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 03:59

What, people didn't buy Wario Land?
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 04:00

Wii_Jedi wrote:I still don't see how anyone could think Red Steel 2 is a good game. It's WAY too repetitive. I did almost get Sakura Wars, but it lost out in competing for my money.

Red Steel 2 was fresh and a load of fun, I don't see how any one could NOT find it a good game.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 04:25

Lost in Shadow - check
Red Steel 2 - check
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - check
Wario Land: Shake It! - check
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon - check
MadWorld - check
Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love - check

7 out of 12. Am I an underdog gamer, now? I loved everyone of these games. Especially Fragile Dreams.
No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 05:11

Deadly creatures- yep
fragile dreams- YOU SHOULD PLAY IT......... just try to ignore the battle mechanics
sakura wars: so long my love- check...though it's been sat on the shelf and I think when I plug my wii u in, I may give it some love.

Surprised how few I actually bought of that list though. I normally buy the most obscure games, I also buy alot of games that got a 6...for some odd reason they are the ones I tend to finish. Maybe out of reviewer spite?
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 07:32

Deadly Creatures - got and completed [bad ending - still, a fun game]
Wario Land - got, and got stuck[?] and never went back to it *shrugs*
Red Steel 2 - got and completed, very underrated game!
Klona - got, never beat. Just lost interest[?]
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 11:24

Was pleased to see some pretty good titles on here, was surprised how few of them I owned. I already knew I had missed Klonoa and Lost in Shadow first time around, but I thought getting Red Steel 2, Mad World (on the list) and No More Heroes 2 and Special Edition Conduit (not on the list), I was doing pretty well in Game Snob Land. But I had not even heard of several of these titles before this article.

I was happy to see Excitebots on there, as it gave me a much more satisfying racing experience than any (console) Mario Kart I've played to date. I liked Double Dash inasmuch as you could do co-op Grand Prix, which usually led to one of us sabotaging the NPC carts so the other could win all the cups, but MK Wii had me throwing down my controller and giving back the (borrowed) game before completing even the 100cc tracks. Item rape is much worse than rubberbanding IMO.

Excitebots, on the other hand, didn't reward you (only) for being the first one across the finish line. You could finish second or fourth or even last (not recommended) but still get a good score on the track if you did all the cool tricks. And the fact that you can collect these trick points to unlock stuff makes it more accessible (i.e.: less challenging) than enduring the frustration of playing the same cup over and over only to lose the point total by one because some cart screwed you at the finish line by 1/2-second. The points system keeps me - and my sons - coming back over and over again. Much better replayability.
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16 Nov 2012 17:49

I either have or want to get every game in that list minus Deadly Creatures. I can't bring myself to play that one. I hate creepy crawlies.

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