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ZombiU features day-one update

Looks like patches are going to be a regular occurence on the Wii U. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. ZombiU already has a patch available to fix up a few issues with the game. Make sure to download it for the best experience possible!


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User avatar
18 Nov 2012 15:24

I'm okay with patches. I'm not really okay with day 1 patches.

:/ Tsk tsk, Nintendo...
(I know it's Ubisoft, but I'm also talking about the firmware update)
User avatar
18 Nov 2012 15:36

Nowadays patches are being relied on more and more. Sure it's great to be able to fix a bug but the game should be solid on day one. Too many games have day one patches these days. If the game isn't finished before pressing the discs then you shoudnt be pressing the discs.
User avatar
18 Nov 2012 18:52

Oh this doesn't bode well...
User avatar
18 Nov 2012 19:50

Developers have deadlines. They also have rather large games with limitless possibilities for problems. You can't possibly expect them to catch them all. They probably noticed things while the game had already gone gold.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 03:16

ALL my games had day one updates.. Mario, ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Black Opps II...It had something to do with the online and Miiverse aspects of the games

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