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19 Nov 2012 18:14

a non doom and gloom article? This i have to see
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19 Nov 2012 18:56

Number 15 and this is already questionable.... Alien Crush Returns is very poor as a pinball game. I wish it had better tables, because it has some great ideas behind it.
No Avatar
19 Nov 2012 19:06

that wiiware list is missing rotohex, cubello and the great true neo retro 16bits contra rebirth . A near impossible game to finish , in nightmare they are so many things on the screen that i just don't get how "experts" could have mistaken the game for a rom hack 8 bit game . Which is what megaman is , it doesn't improve on the nes hardware and in fact is not as good looking as many late nes game, but maybe some people like that

the head start for the 3ds was a non issue , the vita only was an illusion for one two weeks top and in japan only . I sure do hope that like for the 3ds , they do have a massive three big hit games for the end of 2013 . Let's dream a little and think zelda , galaxy , retro . That would be hard to top .
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 20:03

Yeah, the list isn't very good! Sure, it has some diamonds in it but where is LIT and ANIMA:Ark of Sinners?

And for the second one, please don't believe the metacritic score! Sure, the game is unfairly difficult but it is until you find the key to the game...Always adapting to each situation that comes before you!
If you do that, it might be the best game in the WiiWare service!

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