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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - The Wii U launch in NYC was one of the best nights ever

Thanks to Poopaloop for the image!

Time for me to get mushy on you guys once again! Hope you enjoy my love letter. See you in a few, short hours.

I've been running GoNintendo for over 7 years now. That means the site was around in some form when the Wii was just launching. I happened to be in NYC for the launch event, which I still remember fondly. I would update on my laptop using a garbage can as my table. We stayed up from sundown to sunrise, hitting up both Toys R' Us and the Nintendo World Store. We made great memories and had an amazing time. With that said, the Wii U launch in NYC has quickly become one of my favorite site moments, as well as a favorite moment in general.

This time around it was just Mom Brain and I heading into the city to check things out. We had plans on checking out the festivities, chatting with some friends, walking the line and seeing Triforce finally get his Wii U. We did all of those things while at the event, but it was so much better than I could have ever expected. I went in prepared for an amazing night, but I left with life long memories and some of the best experiences I've ever had.

First off, I met a TON of GoNintendo readers. Every corner I turned, someone was calling me out or shouting praise for GoNintendo. It absolutely blew me away. We met up with site friends we've made over the years, but we also got to talk with site readers that we've never seen before. So, so many people had such wonderful things to say. It was such an humbling experience.

I can't thank you enough for that support that you offer. Seeing the site get visitors, the podcast get listeners, the Twitter get followers, the Facebook page get likes and all that stuff...it always shocks me. I'm always truly thankful for all that you send our way. Getting to see that kind of love in person just solidifies those feelings I've had all these years. I've always said that GN readers are the best bunch of people you'll find on the internet. Meeting up with so many of you on Sunday night only proved that more.

If you took pictures with myself or Mom Brain at the event, please send them over our way! We'd love to collect all those and share them in Flickr gallery on the site. If you stopped us to chat about the site or anything at all, thank you SO much for that support. I honestly had one person tell me that my emails, GN coverage and attention to fans helped them in a way that saved their life. To hear that I've done something with that kind of impact is absolutely unbelievable. It only strengthens my dedication to you guys, which never wavers.

I also have to thank all the PR people, NWS staffers and Nintendo employees that stopped to say hello. Again, I was blown away by just how many people stopped to say hello. It was ridiculously tough to not appear starstruck as Nintendo bigwigs popped by to share kind words. It was also fantastic/embarrassing to hear just how many PR people/Nintendo employees like the videos I've been doing lately. Looks like I'll be known for my dress wearing and Wii U petting for years to come!

Finally, I also want to thank the game journalists that stopped by to chat. Again, I don't deserve any of the kindness and praise that you offered up. People like Jason Cipriano at MTV and Jonathan Holmes at Dtoid. My name and work doesn't deserve to be mentioned anywhere near what you guys do. I'm just a crappy blogger...guys like you get the real work out there. Guys like these make being a cog in the industry an absolute joy. Some of the best game journalists you can find.

Throw all that together into the fact that the Wii U was launching and it made for a stellar night. It was nothing but smiles and cheers, hugs and applause. I may have been sick for the event, I may have paid for that when I got home, but I'll never, EVER regret attending. It was a few hours in my entire life that will truly define who I am and what I do from here on out. That goes for my handling of GoNintendo, as well as life in general.

You may be tired of me thanking you guys after all these years, but you constantly give me reasons to. This Wii U launch has given me yet another reason to thank you for the support I truly don't deserve. Whether you just found the site today or have been here since day one, thank you for doing what you do. Without you, what I do wouldn't be possible. I've formed relationships that would have never otherwise come about. There is no way I'll ever be able to thank you properly for your passion...but that won't stop me from trying.

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User avatar
20 Nov 2012 10:30

You are such a softy RMC ;)
Keep up the good work buddy.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 10:43

One of these days I HAVE to travel from my home in Florida to New York and visit Nintendo World.

I wish I could have done so on Launch Night, not only to party with everyone else on the release of the Wii U, but to havce been able to personally say Thank You to RMC & staff for adding so much to my enjoyment of Nintendo products.

Firing up GoNintendo on a daily basis is as automatic as firing up my 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.

Thanks for supporting us, RMC!!
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 10:47

Wii U launch was exciting there, but in Illinois, there was no one there. everything was just preordered.
It is my birthday today!!! Lucky to get a wii U. As a reward, can RMC add me as a friend in miiverse on Wii U?
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 10:49

without this blog, my passion for nintendo, and perhaps video games in general, might have diminished over the years. The news updates, the random stories, the personality of you guys, and the community that has called this place home, all of it is fantastic to be a part of. even though I havent been on as often in the past few months, this is always the first place I go when I think of video games. Thank You RMC, GN crew, as well as the readers, keep up the good work!
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 10:57

I was really hoping this was going to be the year I could make it out to Nintendo World for Nintendo's big system launch. Sadly that wasn't the case...

But if I were there Raw, I certainly would have been another crazy fan coming up to you to sing praises! You truly pour your heat and soul into your work and it shows every single day. You have fostered a community of some truly wonderful people, and for that I salute and thank you!

Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to run into you in person one day to actually thank you in person :)
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 10:58

Awesome site RMC, even with the rival gafs against you, you manage to stand still. To think I was a mere lurker here 2 years before I joined!
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 11:32

You deserve all of that love and more.

RMC created a place to call home. Even in these worst years of my life, this website and RMC's spirit keeps me sane and gives me a reason to keep faith in life.

GoNintendo really is the best place on the web!
Go GoNintendo, RMC and this wonderful community!
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 11:46

RMC you are far too modest. When I think of enthusiasm and passion I think Go Nintendo. You showcase the the good, the bad, and the ugly. GN is probably the least biased site I visit, which is probably why I visit it every day and ALWAYS first. If Nintendo does something good, you report that, if it does something strange or bad you report that as well.
I always count on GN to tell me the truth, or at least both sides of the story. I like the fact that that you're not a "journalist" per se, or a jaded insider but just a guy who likes to play games. GN is a friendly place where like minded people can find news and discuss opinions.
Thank you RMC.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 11:56

I know I'm repeating myself but you're my always and forever heropon, RMC.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 12:30

Always awesome to see you at these events. So glad you recognized me. :3
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 12:34

You're cooler than Sonic in the 90's, RMC! Thanks a million billion for your hard work and dedication to the website!
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 12:48

I wish I could've been there, just so I could thank you in person. GoNintendo is the best Nintendo website out there! Thank you for all these years, RMC!
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 13:49

i appreciate you're humbleness, but don't sell yourself short. i read, on average, 4 hours a day (that's actually more than i game!!)... tons of journalism, non-fiction, blogs, and to a lesser degree fiction and poetry. With that said, GoNintendo is a daily ritual for me. I start here and often pop back over several times a day. Those other 'gaming journalists' have nothing on you or this site. Yeah, I read dtoid, ign, mtv, kotaku, joystiq,etc... i'm not knocking the work these cats do. But I don't start with them, and generally only head over to read a specific article and not to just peruse. You're doing great, original work that I know at least a mushroom kingdom's full of us truly appreciate. Your voice and professionalism are in this castle.
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 13:59


So much this.

And you almost made me shed man tears there RMC, lol. Such a humble man... Just because of your attitude, this site will remain my premiere Nintendo news site on the internet.

I mean, technically it already is. It's one of the first things I check before work, and I check it through out the day cause you guys are always on the ball. Everybody else updates sporadically. You guys usually post like two or three news an hour! When I come back home from work, BAM! Tons to read and lots of fun.

Thanks for all the hard work RMC. I only hope you get even more of that appreciation from now on. You certainly deserve it.
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 14:08

Thanks for all the hard work R. I stumbled upon gonintendo one day while doing my daily Nintendo Revolution (remember that) searches, I found a link to here from another site (can't remember which one) and I've been coming here everyday since.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 14:12

oh RMC you are so humble, GONintendo is far the best nintendo news site out ther, along side nintendo gamer and nintendo world report, but this is the best because of the "family" feeling that is around here, you should be proud of having one of the few sites where everyone gets along ^w^
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 14:24

I've been following Gonintendo for over 5 years now and I don't regret having this site as my homepage. It's my go-to site for anything Nintendo. I'd feel lost if this site were to ever disappear... :P
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 14:53

gonintendo is def. my go-to source, and even more essential than ever w/ publications like nintendo power closing. i wish RMC would put up a donate button b/c he def. deserves some compensation for all the hours he puts into the site.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 19:29

I've been away from the site for a while now and for the first time in my 5+ years, I had stopped reading it daily like I always used to do. Work has gotten in my way and I hardly have any spare time. Who knew becoming a teacher could drain you!? Ha!

Anyway, I had to log in to comment on this post to say: You're welcome and thank you for providing the best site for Nintendo news.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 21:57

I guess its my turn. I have to keep this sweet and simple. This is the best nintendo site ever. You have so much dedication to Nintendo.
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 03:55

robometal cowboy wrote:Again, I don't deserve any of the kindness and praise that you offered up.

I don't know how much kindness or praise you got, but I can safely guess you are wrong. It wasn't enough.

You (and your gang) have been a daily part of my life. You provide great coverage and in such a friendly and fun manner. It always cheers me up to come to the site.

Thank you. I hope you had a great time and have many more great times to come.
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 04:33

Yep this is the only site I come for nintendo news, thanks rmc! I have been reading gonintendo since 06, I come here everyday to be entertained! I don't comment much but I do read all the time! I hope everybody is enjoying their wii u! I haven't gotten mine, first time not getting nintendo at launch, but I still have it reserved at toys r us and will be getting it today! Woo!
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 19:08

I enjoy this website more than I do Nintendolife. That site and community is far too cliquey and the people there annoyed annoyed the hell out of me. I feel more proper information is shared here on GoNintendo than that and any other Nintendo-focused site.

Let GoNintendo keep going strong. And hopefully, I'll get luck to attend Nintendo's next console's midnight event.
No Avatar
23 Nov 2012 13:47

I love Gonintendo, that is all I have to say.
*pets Gonintendo Logo in bed*
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 19:55

I come here for any and all news Nintendo related. You're always updated faster than most sites out there and always have way more to read. You don't just post the major stories, you post everything! I love it. You deserve all the success and more!

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