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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - patch sent off to Nintendo

Coming from Sumo Digital...

An update on the Wii U too, SEGA have confirmed the issues are fixed and it's currently over with Nintendo. We're hoping it will go live very soon!

Hopefully we'll see that patch applied this week. Thanks to Autosaver for the heads up!


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No Avatar
25 Nov 2012 15:27

What will this patch? Framerate issues? That'd be nice...
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 15:31

metalpants wrote:What will this patch? Framerate issues? That'd be nice...

The miiverse update somewhat broke some of the challenges like Boost Rush. The Wii U version already has a more stable framerate than either PS3 or X360, so don't expect anything more.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:14

I hope it fixes Capture the Chao mode. Whenever I try to play it, the chao appears somewhere that is unreachable or the racers spawn outside of the stage and then the Wii U crashes. I am not the only one with this issue and it seems its only that mode when played offline.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:28

The problem caused a two point review deduction on IGN. So hopefully the game will work right.

Mike from Morgantown
No Avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:33

Yes the patch is to fix the Wii U version's Boost Rush challenge that I can't finish at all since its missing the checkpoints. I can't wait since I hate losing four times on each of these challenges just to get the skip button to appear.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 16:53

Where did you find the Wii U review?

Same, really annoying. Also, one of the levels (Burning Rangers) is not skipable at all.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 18:41

Should be live by the time I launch my Wii U copy up on Christmas Day then - sweet! :D

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