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Nyko USB charging cable for GamePad

Nintendo won't let you charge your GamePad via USB? Well no worries, as Nyko has stepped in to fix that issue! Now you can more easily charge while playing. I wonder if something like this is bad for the GamePad... Thanks to Bluntzy for the heads up!

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User avatar
28 Nov 2012 14:49

Waiting for someone to develop some sort of way to use the GamePad with a PC now... It's got to happen someday!
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 14:50

I'm gonna have to order one of these. Good thing it's cheap because I was disappointed that Nintendo didn't include a cable like this with the Deluxe system.
No Avatar
28 Nov 2012 15:04

Due to the limitations of the USB format, it is not ideal to charge the gamepad from USB. The battery in the gamepad is 1500mah (http://www.imgmr.com/index.php/Wii-U-Ne ... ailed.html).
and USB can only charge at a rate of 500ma - which means it would take 3 hours (if there were no inefficiencies, but there are, so you're really looking at more like 4 hours). What this means is - since the gamepad goes through it's battery in 3-4 hours, the USB doesn't provide enough energy to play on an empty battery- you would drain it faster than it could charge.

Now, if you are planning on sitting down for a long time to play and plug it in at the beginning, it could keep you going significantly longer, but then why not just use the AC adapter?
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 16:05

That doesn't look like a good idea. If Nintendo wanted you to charge through USB they would have included it.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 16:48

I'll get it and test it.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 18:36

I got this a couple days ago. It works pretty well and the cable feels of high quality. The box has a misprint on the back of it that says it will work with the 3DS/DSi. The connectors are different so that's not true. Overall, I haven't had any issues with it so I recommend it.

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