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Pikachu 3DS XL announced for South Korea

The special Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL will be heading to South Korea, this is what Nintendo of Korea just announced in a press release. The system will coming to the country on December 13, 2012.

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User avatar
28 Nov 2012 19:54

"Pikachu 3DS XL announced for North America" is what I wish the title of this article read... :-/
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 20:16


Ughhhhh I got so excited when I read the first half of the tweet :( GOD DANG IT MOTHER$&€#¥@
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 20:18

God damnit even South Korea gets this?

Literally SOUTH KOREA. Not hating on the country but motherf******
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 21:02

Pikachu, nipple shock attack now!

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