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RUMOR - Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct to include 3DS hardware announcements

Again, all of this is 100% rumor. We'll know what's real and what's fake in less than 24 hours.

– Fire Emblem is projected to show up around January in the US with the Japanese Blue Special Edition to go on sale with it.

– Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will come out in February. At the same time the Black 3DS XL will also come out and there will be a Black 3DS XL Dark Moon version with the game bundled in.

– Animal Crossing planned as a Spring/Summer Title between March and May.

– Most of the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL colors, including 3DS XL Purple, will be out in America by the end of 2013.

– A few eShop first party @ 3rd party Wii U titles will be announced for the launch window and a good mix of first and third party for spring which ends at the Nintendo E3 show for the rest of 2013.

– No idea if the Pokemon 3DS XL’s are coming, even though NoA wants them to for Mystery Dungeon that is all up to the Pokemon Company USA to decide.



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