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07 Dec 2012 15:18

Wow. That was kinda beautiful.
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07 Dec 2012 15:38

This was the first thing I read in the new issue, and is - no doubt - my favorite NP Nester comic. A fantastic job by Chris Slate and Bill Mudron. Also, thanks to Phil Theobald (NP Assistant Editor), who Mudron credits as the reason this comic happened.

Mentioned this elsewhere, but I'll repeat it here: this was Nintendo Power's Toy Story 3 moment. For me - as a longtime reader since NP's 1988 debut and having since earned the rank of Dad - it was damned powerful.

End of an era.


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07 Dec 2012 16:48

..Excuse me...I have to go cr--I mean, lift some weights. Manly weights.
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07 Dec 2012 19:46

That touched me a little. And I haven't read Nintendo Power in all my life :(
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07 Dec 2012 22:55

I'm crying like a baby. :)
Wow. So great.
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08 Dec 2012 02:38

Thanks for the memories.

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