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Hope for Mass Effect 3 DLC, Mass Effect Trilogy on Wii U

A portion of a GamerSyndrome interview with BioWare...

GS: What is BioWare’s plan regarding the Wii U? Mass Effect 3 was released onto it but fans were surprised to learn DLC, like Omega or Leviathan, wouldn’t be available for it. Are there plans for the first two games to be released onto Wii U as well as DLC?

BioWare: We have a terrific company in Australia [Straight Right] who did a good job putting Mass Effect 3 on Wii U. Again, I can’t really comment on rumored speculation about the game or the franchise. Wii U is a console we feel is really cool and that more Mass Effect would look great on it, so we do have plans for Wii U but nothing to announce at this moment.

GS: You guys said a similar thing when asked about a Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 before you announced it.

BioWare: Yes we did, and look what happened. As we like to tell people on Twitter, “Never Say Never.” The same can be said about the Mass Effect Trilogy for Wii U. Never Say Never

Full interview here

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User avatar
08 Dec 2012 03:47

Kinda sick of "Never say never" with MercurySteam and Bioware/EA saying it, but that's still good news for those who care.

I haven't played Mass Effect and don't really intend to, but I would never support the idea of a gimped ME3 with no DLC and no Trilogy.

If they put trilogy and the DLC on Wii U, I'd commend them and if I *were* to one day go "MAYBE I SHOULD TRY THIS SERIES", I would support the Wii U version just for that reason.

But until then, I'll continue not playing the series.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 04:37


You're really missing out on some great games. But yeah, they totally screwed over those who want to get into the series but only own a Wii U.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 05:04

Pachter: wii u software sales are abysmal and nobody will support it. The next xbox is going to be the daddy.
Bioware: we are happy with mass effect on wii u and are looking into more plans for the system. Also our owners milk so yeah its coming later.
Pachter:...... you'll see. I'll be right...... wii u will fail without third party support.
CCFanboy: the only time you were right was a guess mate. Besides you told me not to take you seriously so yeah. I am getting more mass effect on wii u. Deal with it. Mass effect flopped on everything except xbox and pc because it was on that originally. Mass effect 2 still flopped hard on ps3.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 06:52


Like I said, I'd consider it now that the Trilogy is out, but I'd be more inclined to support the Wii U version if there was one, simply to help prove there's a market for games on it.

It's one of those cases where fans turned me off to it by praising it. Not that I always ignore popular things, but they tend to just oversaturate everything and I don't want to be a part of it.

Heck, I only began playing Halo this year, after getting Reach for free last year, and I know there have been other instances, but that's the biggest example I have of something stupid popular that I didn't care about for 10 years.
No Avatar
08 Dec 2012 07:33

Go **** yourself Bioware.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 09:02

Gosh, I wish they'd just confirm the Trilogy for Wii U already (not like they'd do it now, with the ME3 port just released). I've always wanted to play this series and I'd love to get it on Wii U, but since they're all on PS3 now I'll just get the Trilogy and if they release it for Wii U later, well, bad luck. There's no way I'm giving my money twice to EA.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 09:40

I would like to see Trilogy come out on the Wii U. They can release that as well as ME 1 and 2 online for those who bought ME3. I may get ME3, but will buy Trilogy as well if it does come out.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 09:47

I think EA plan to get people to also buy twice into ME on Wii U [ME3, then the trilogy n 2013].

Ugly practice.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 11:04

I'll wait for ME Trilogy on WiiU
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 11:28

I was always on the fringe of getting into this series but never ended up putting down my money. If they put the trilogy on Wii U I think I'll finally pick it up, I'd like to see what all the fuss is about. Depends on where in the release schedule they would decide to release it as to whether or not it would be day one, though.
No Avatar
08 Dec 2012 12:44

Well, whatever "never" they're thinking about better be soon...

I would like to get ME3 as it is but there's a bunch of games I still want to get at the moment. So by the time I'm done with those, my gaming schedule should be open for the ME3 Trilogy. Unless they release it after March... at that point I'll be completely immersed in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thus ignoring every game that exists besides MH3U... so hurry up, BioWare!!
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 12:52

I'm holding out for a must have game to buy a wii u, if its this trilogy, I'm sold!
No Avatar
08 Dec 2012 13:26

a trilogy at launch would have done better and still would not have required active support from bioware .
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 13:38

They really should of had the trilogy up and ready at launch. I don't see how they'll turn this around for a profit deal as they started out by shooting themselves in their foot. This isn't to say the ME3 on Wii U is a bad game, because I know its quite the opposite, with that said, starting out the with the ending of a RPG trilogy first is..... bad....
No Avatar
08 Dec 2012 18:04

I'd still gladly buy the trilogy on Wii U if it is released even after playing through all the games already simply for the added gamepad support.
User avatar
08 Dec 2012 21:13

i would consider replaying the trilogy on WiiU if they released it. But if they did go that route, I wonder what they'd do about the DLC.
User avatar
09 Dec 2012 00:30

If I ever decide to get Mass Effect, I'd probably be better off with PC. As it stands I don't particularly care, although Wii U is getting shafted big time.

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