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Quick-and-dirty workaround for YouTube Wii U browser issue

Earlier tonight, we talked about the issue with viewing YouTube in the Wii U browser. All worked fine since launch, but today it seems something has caused a hiccup. While we wait for a fix, here's a temporary solution. In the direct link of the video you want to see, simply change the “watch?v=” portion of the video URL to “embed/”. This allows you to watch the video in another window.


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No Avatar
13 Dec 2012 05:20

Sounds like fun!
No Avatar
13 Dec 2012 07:12

It's going to be a pain to do but still 100x easier and more convenient than the youtube app.
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 11:22

Hopefully this is resolved soon. My Wii U is just over a week old and already features are getting axed/unsupported? GET THE F OUT NOW, seriously?!? The function was great and well preferred over the absolutely horrendous, lazy and lame Youtube app, which is the only app that's frozen my Wii U constantly until I just gave up on it's wack SD ass. This needs to be resolved ASAP!!!
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 12:14

I still haven't been able to login to Youtube using the browser since launch. Or anything Google, like gmail.

Called Nintendo, gave them the error code my Wii U is spitting out and they haven't even heard of that error code.

Just hoping it all gets fixed in time. Kinda a bummer though, since the app sucks so much.
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 13:40

Well, this is a good solution for now, I suppose.
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 04:56

Tested and so glad this works, its not ideal but beats the sub par app. Such a shame they blocked the browser because it was the best youtube player I have ever used!

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