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RUMOR - Capcom Arcade Cabinet coming to 3DS and Wii U eShop

Looks like there might be a compilation of classic Capcom arcade games coming to digital shops in 2013. Capcom isn't willing to talk about it just yet, but a supposed leak of into puts the game on both the 3DS and Wii U eShops. No word on what games are included just yet.


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User avatar
14 Dec 2012 18:48

wonder if it'll be like the Capcom Arcade app for iOS, you get a few play coins each day to play diffent games and if you want you can "purchase" the arcade cabinet to play as much as you want. besides control issues it had a high difficulty rating to eat up your coins lol. it could work out on a system with more traditional controls though, if they arcade line-up was just right, i could toss my own RL coin into something like this on the eshop.
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 18:50

Get some popcorn and stay for a while, this could be cool.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting to see what that other DeSu2 project is. Already know it's getting an anime adaptation.
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 19:53

OK, Capcom, we get it. You used to be awesome.
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 20:35

This could either be fairly cool (if they turn the iOS thing into a proper game and remove the limits and real world money or stuff) or absolutely terrible (if they don't). Which will it be?
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 20:58

Real Arcade emulation !!!

Can't wait for:

- Final Fight
- Street Fighter II
- Ghouls 'n' Ghosts

User avatar
14 Dec 2012 21:13

looks cool but doesn't look like it'll be including their CPS-2 or 3 games. Shame. I'd love some SF Alpha on the go...
No Avatar
14 Dec 2012 22:00

It is going to be like the PSN versions of Bionic Commando and Final Fight where you have to have an internet connection just to load the SINGLE PLAYER games and they lock you out if you aren't online?

User avatar
15 Dec 2012 05:32

No thanks. Capcom have shown no ability to make their classic games look good on HD consoles. Everything on XBL is a filtered-to-hell, blobby mess with ugly, forced borders.

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