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The secret is out! Nintendo Power lives on through fan-run magazine, Nintendo Force!

So long...I've been waiting SOOOOOOOOOO long to reveal this one! My lord, the suspense has been killing me! Thankfully, the day is finally here. The official announcement of Nintendo Force us upon us!

Nintendo Power put up 25 great years in the industry, battling against all sorts of shifting methods of content delivery. Sadly, the time came when Nintendo decided to not push forward with the iconic magazine anymore. That left every Nintendo Power fan, old and young, with a big hole in their heart. That's where the Nintendo Force crew is hoping to step in and patch things up.

Nintendo Force is a spiritual successor to Nintendo Power. The magazine is aiming to provide the same type of content/vibe that Nintendo Power brought us for so many years. The difference is, Nintendo Force is staffed by Nintendo fans that currently work for some of the most well-known Nintendo websites out there. Check out this all-star crew below.

Recognize a few faces in there? We're absolutely honored to be a part of this massive undertaking. To even be considered for a spot in Nintendo Force was completely unbelievable to me. I know I'll be doing my best to make Nintendo Force the most loving tribute to Nintendo Power it can be. The same goes for the amazing crew that was pieced together, which I'm floored to work with. Nintendo Force was born from something truly sad, but with a crew like this, hopefully we can put back some smiles on faces.

I really look forward to bringing you the first issue of Nintendo Force, as does everyone else on the team. We've been working hard for months to pull this off. Let's hope we've managed to put something together that'll be worthy of a second issue!

To find out more about Nintendo Force, check out the official website here!

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User avatar
21 Dec 2012 22:39

I'm not too happy about Nintendolife being represented after my problem with the community and a staff member who thankfully isn't in this lovely picture. But awesome for the others. Hope this does well and does not fall off.
User avatar
21 Dec 2012 23:01

I guess this is impressive in a way, I like how all the different Nintendo sites seem to have helped with the magazine and the people writing for it. But I have to say I'm not particularly interested in subscribing to the magazine myself. In this day and age, I just don't think a print magazine really has value any more, to the point I even unsubscribed from ONM (our Nintendo Power equivalent) due to how it was telling me nothing I didn't know for months beforehand.

Also, Sean Malstrom commented on this:

http://seanmalstrom.wordpress.com/2012/ ... -a-reason/
User avatar
21 Dec 2012 23:18


100% agree with Mr. Malstrom.
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 03:08

I just realized Holmes was there. So great! I really like him and how he do his job. One of the best.
Really an all-star team!
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 03:24

Just when I thought I ran out of toilet paper.

....No seriously, Nintendo Force Magazine? You couldn't think of a better name?
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 04:46

That's some talent assembled there.

Good luck with this.
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 08:18

Thank you so much for the support guys, it's very much appreciated!

I went on gaf today and saw some people were skeptical; that's totally fair and logical, as they've yet to see any content and obviously there are concerns about print and even digital magazines these days. Everyone was very constructive and fair though, so I have no issues with that.

However (and I HAD promised myself not to get riled up about negative comments online), that comment above really irked me.

"Apparently, some people haven’t realized it. Might as well call it the Nintendo Defense Force."

This guy has seen literally NO content from the project; what could he POSSIBLY be basing this on?! I look forward to being able to share some of the thoughtful and engaging articles these guys have written, because this baseless comment is COMPLETELY off the mark!
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 10:31

I'd hate to be "Mr. Optimistic" here but Nintendo Power shut down for a reason. That reason can pretty much be equated to the fact that magazines are becoming a thing of the past... I loved Nintendo Power, it will be missed but when something dies you just need to learn to let it go and let it die with dignity. Magazines just aren't "up to the minute". You guys are about to find out that print journalism is a far cry from the copy and paste news that we find from over half of the representatives of "Nintendo Force" across their various websites. Pretty much the only real reason people populate these sites is the fact that its all of the copy and paste news in one site so we don't have to visit 15 different ones to get all of our news. The guys over at Zelda Informer can write some pretty darn good articles and you can tell they put some work into their pieces. Hardly anything they do is copy and past. That goes for Alex Plant over at GenGame as well. Trust me, I was a journalism major 10 years ago... The whole thing just stinks of "delusions of grandeur".... Besides, "Pure Nintendo" kinda beat you guys to the punch, not that I subscribed to that one either. Why don't you guys instead focus on your websites and aim to improve those....or even create ONE massive website for Nintendo fans. That to me sounds like a much better idea. Sorry for my "Michael Pachter"-like opinions but hey, I'm a Christian and I'm brutally honest. I cannot tell lies...
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 16:39

What's the reasoning behind the name?
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 19:29

Matthew T is in? I'm eager to see how this A-Team does and where they take it. I hope you guys do a good job with the Community section. I was featured in it twice and it's always been one of my favorite parts that survived to the end of NP after Future axed many things.
No Avatar
22 Dec 2012 20:15

Oh, the things I wish I could say about the project... rest assured, much more will be revealed before we launch it.

Oh, and Pure Nintendo might have beaten us to the punch, but that's okay-- ours was deliberately timed to start when Nintendo Power finished their run.

And yes, I agree with Poopaloop: Certain people who I won't name really have no idea what they're talking about.
User avatar
22 Dec 2012 23:19

It's alive! IT'S ALIVE! Muah-ha-ha! This is the best news I've heard all week, I look forward to Nintendo Force Magazine and hope will be the start of something wonderful!
User avatar
23 Dec 2012 07:04

I'm intrigued. Will keep an eye on this [though I haven't brought Gaming mags for over a decade - the Interwebs / Mobiles / Tablets, sadly, have made static, sole print mags increasingly redundant].

... This is gonna be a Digital release, right?

Hell. I still think NP [or something like it] will grace the Wii U next year - eMags / Books could be grand on it, if implemented right!
User avatar
23 Dec 2012 13:27


I agree with the fact that we have not seen the upcoming content to have opinions on it, but I can see one or two names in the staff that may fall in the infamous "NDF" stereotype. Ill wait to see what is everyone's task within the magazine and what content they will bring to get a proper idea of the publication though.

Also Ive notice some disspleasure from former NP staff about this.
User avatar
23 Dec 2012 14:33

The magazine is print AND digital! As RMC said in the podcast, we didn't want to overload everyone with information, but I'm almost certain I can say that it's both at this point, specifics to follow!

ddddd wrote:@Poopaloop

I agree with the fact that we have not seen the upcoming content to have opinions on it, but I can see one or two names in the staff that may fall in the infamous "NDF" stereotype. Ill wait to see what is everyone's task within the magazine and what content they will bring to get a proper idea of the publication though.

Also Ive notice some disspleasure from former NP staff about this.

See, this is a more reasonable statement. If you're familiar with the work of a couple people on board and maybe feel a certain way about their writing style, I can completely understand concerns the magazine might adopt a similar approach by nature of having those people involved. Whilst I personally don't agree with that viewpoint (I've read the work submitted, and whilst I didn't know EVERYONE involved before the project, the articles they've submitted have, in my opinion, been fantastic), I can understand why you might feel that way. It's the "HUR DURR BUNCH OF FANBOYS POINTLESS HUR HURR" argument that just bugs me, especially when they haven't seen the magazine yet and I know how much work has gone into it.

What I will say is, none of us have worked together under Lucas before, who has been a fantastic editor. He's worked very hard to ensure all the features match the tone and style that a tribute to Nintendo Power should, so whilst I do understand your concerns I think I can confidently say you'll be pleasantly surprised if/when you choose to read it.

And whilst as I've said previously I'm not allowed to say much, some Nintendo Power colleagues WERE contacted (I'm not sure if I can name names at this point, if I can I'll come back and edit). We were given the indication that these people, whilst supportive of the idea, could NOT contribute due to a conflict of interest as NP was still running. We assumed this applied to all involved and dropped the endeavor for fear of getting anyone into trouble. I've seen comments on gaf and such from other people who were involved in NP who are understandably upset they weren't contacted, but that was the reason. Whilst even I do know the specifics, I do know that now Nintendo Power is finished in earnest more of the past staffers have been contacted. I hope that clears up a little confusion, at any rate. I'm all for constructive criticism and feedback like yours, but that NDF comment that was linked to just really riled me up earlier.
No Avatar
23 Dec 2012 15:14

Poopaloop: While it irks me as well, the guy who said it is a dick, thief, and hypocrite, so don't let it bother you too much.

Just his very words "there's a reason why..." puts his ignorance on display.
No Avatar
23 Dec 2012 16:34

Starting a magazine seems like a bad idea. I doubt this one will get the exclusives Game Informer does to stay afloat.
No Avatar
23 Dec 2012 23:27

KevinSays: Stay tuned. Can't really say anything specific yet, but I think it's safe to say that this is less for the GI crowd and more for those who just really loved Nintendo Power to the very end.
User avatar
23 Dec 2012 23:40

KevinSays wrote:Starting a magazine seems like a bad idea. I doubt this one will get the exclusives Game Informer does to stay afloat.

Agreed. Seriously, how many upstart magazine publications can you name that has been successful within the last two years? I can't think of one. This to me sounds like a complete ripoff of NP. You can get that much from the blatant copying of the logo. At least Pure Nintendo has the gall to be original. This is nothing more than a bunch of wannabes. As for the so called "dream team" of staffers...I've been in journalism for quite awhile and some of those guys have no more talent than silly putty is a printing press. You know who you are. Copy and pasting on your little fan site does not qualify one to write for a publication. I spent years getting my degree. Lucas, being someone that works for such a large site should have known better than to invite so many underqualified people. Nintendo Power is gone, let it go and do something original if you must have a magazine. Don't be like them. Try being something else. "Avengers assemble"....hardly. The Avengers were the staff of NP. This is nothing but some fanboys trying to steal someone else's glory. It doesn't matter what content you have. A magazine is a magazine, good luck staying afloat. Furthermore they think they can do successfully what a group of journalism vets couldn't? I seriously cant believe the audacity of that one alone. I'm sorry but this just really really upsets me. You will never be NP.
User avatar
24 Dec 2012 01:27

KoffeeKing0407 wrote:
I've been in journalism for quite awhile... I spent years getting my degree

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lighten up, Francis.
No Avatar
24 Dec 2012 02:52

Just got finished reading this article, the opening intro on the website for the magazine, and all the comments here. To my mind, this is absolutely fantastic news. I'd been a subscriber to Nintendo Power off and on over the years (I had the very first issue years ago...heck, I used to call the Nintendo hotline for game tips!), and when not subbing I'd every now and again even just pick up a copy from the stand. NP was a GREAT magazine for NINTENDO FANS. It wasn't a magazine about "industry news" per se...it was a magazine for Nintendo news. This new magazine I think sounds like a GREAT idea. I recognize several of those signed on as contributors to Nintendo Force, and it looks spectacular. To see all the biggest, brightest Nintendo fansites represented gives me hope and lightens my heart. I was greatly saddened to see NP go down...I'd been with them from the beginning...and the idea of a spiritual successor sounds wonderful. Those who I recognize of the NF staff from their own respective websites shows me that this is going to truly be a labor of love presented by folks that truly care about the company they are reporting on. People like RMC, Lucas, Holmes, Corbie, Nintendaan, Josh, etc. have made my Nintendo reading for the past few years a joy...and having them all gathered into one publication (either print or digital or both) is...to my personal opinion...fantastic. I will certainly find a way to subscribe to this magazine, if for no other reason than to support such an excellent cast of Nintendo loyalists in their endeavors! However, I will also be subscribing because I believe in what they are doing. I wish them all the success in the world and cannot wait for the first issue to become available. I hope you all (NF staff) are having as exciting a time being involved with the magazine as we (the readers) are going to have. You are all truly great Nintendo fans, and I salute you!
No Avatar
29 Dec 2012 16:17

Wait a minute,
BrawlInTheFamily's creator is joining this?!
User avatar
31 Dec 2012 08:31

I think it's great that somebody wants to keep the spirit of print alive.

And if people want toilet paper..... Well, I d be glad to mail you one of the 20+ clone-of-a-clone Xbox or PS magazines I see littering the shelves in the UK.........

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