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Professor Layton and the Ruins of an Advanced Civilization dated for Japan

The latest issue of Famitsu brings some Professor Layton details with it. Looks like Professor Layton and the Ruins of an Advanced Civilization is going to see release in Japan on Feb. 28th. Even more exciting, certain copies of the game will include real-life bonuses, such as gold coins and bronze statues.


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08 Jan 2013 18:52

Sorry, wait, what was this?
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 18:53

That was quick. So we'll see it in 2014, then? Or will they have it ready by this October instead? Though releasing the same month as Pokemon would be a shot in the foot.

MoldyClay wrote:Sorry, wait, what was this?

Last game in the prequel trilogy (and last one overall, supposedly).
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 18:59

That soon for Layton 6? Should be a fine send-off of the prequel trilogy and the overall series.

I hope we get it this year along with Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.
User avatar
08 Jan 2013 20:12

Well, that was... quick. Wonder if Nintendo will release this one or the crossover next winter - I was banking on this one taking a bit longer so that they'd have to do the latter, but now...

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