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23 Jan 2013 11:15

IT'S E3 IN JANUARY! The tears! The tears! Too much to handle! Thank you Nintendo!!!!
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 12:17


My body... my body was not ready... I need to go lie down...

Seriously wow, so much... just wow.
No Avatar
23 Jan 2013 13:04

Too good. My body wasn't ready either. At least we know that E3 will be in the very least, good. And if Nintendo drops a couple more of those secret bombs like today, they've won. Forever.
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23 Jan 2013 14:48

Omfg... I was NOT expecting all of this! I guess I will definitely have to buy a Wii U now that they are remaking LoZ: WW for Wii U. The new graphics look so nice. I'm also interested in that collaboration title between Atlus and Nintendo. I wonder if it will be a fighting game of some sort or some type of RPG involving the two game worlds? Also, that game that ended with a red X looks interesting. Kind of like Monster Hunter but much more involving (imo).

Also, the new mario and mario kart titles that will be shown at E3. Can't wait to see those as well as the new Zelda that they mentioned in the video. :)
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:07

aaaaaaaaaaaand they just took it home. That was freaking epic.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:26

Wind Waker HD and a new game in the style of Xenoblade?

User avatar
24 Jan 2013 20:06

Where are all the haters? I can't see 'em anywhere.

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