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RUMOR - Flashback seeing remake for Wii U eShop

Oh Flashback, how I have such wonderful memories of you. Definitely one of my favorite SNES games, we're hearing that the title is seeing a remake for release on Wii U eShop.

As you can see, if the remake is indeed true, it's looking quite nice. I heard this rumor a few days back, but only just now heard that Wii U eShop is included in the list of supported platforms. Cross your fingers for this one being true.


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User avatar
23 Jan 2013 12:54

Isn't it being made by the Amy devs? :\
grumble grumble
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 12:57

Whoa. Will buy. Will buy twice times.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 13:44

Aw man, I'd really love to see the return of the vector graphics in HD if Flashback were to come back. And I would also love the ability to switch between new and classic art style/music on the fly!

// Roth
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 14:01



I don't care what it is, it's being made by the guys who made AMY. The absolute worst thing to have come out of any recent year.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 14:39


Please be true... Looove Flashback!!!! This is as good as the entire ND :D And please ad many extras. Levels and all. I wont min...

Now that that is out of my system.... What the hell is AMY? Why are you guys pi**ing on my parade?
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 14:56

Neat! I loved this game.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:36


This is so freaking awesome I can't believe it!!!!!!

I absolutely love that game it's one of my all time favorite!!!

Just after the awesome Nintendo Direct I swear today I reached nerdgasm! T_T'
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:46

thorn-rock wrote:

1. I absolutely love that game it's one of my all time favorite!!!

2. Just after the awesome Nintendo Direct I swear today I reached nerdgasm! T_T'

Happy to read I am not alone! :)

Did you ever play it on SNES or PC?
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 17:22


Played the hell out of it on PC and still do thanks to dosbox ^^
I just love absolutely everything about this game, the gameplay, the story, the atmosphere, the music!

My favorite level was the one in the city when you have to take a job and all. Man that part was pure awesome. I just loved getting lost in this game.

And what the guys say is that Amy was an overhyped PSN game that really sucked in the end. But I mean, that one is 2d and they just have to enhance the graphics so it's not like they could f*ck up anything else.

And yourself? Which version do you have?
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 17:52

@ thorn-rock

I haD (sadly past tense there) t on the SNES at first. That is also where I finished it. It was slower than the PC version, but still the same game. More than amazing..Beyond awesome.

Yes...Everything was so great with that game. Remember I was so sucked into that game my brain didn't fathom reality after playing hehe. Great memories. I actually finished it when my older brothers had taken me with them to a friend's place. They were partying an getting wasted when I finished it... Was too young to get wasted myself back then ;) Taking the metro was even fun..... Really hope they make a spiritual successor one day (no! NO! Not Fade to Black).

So yeah! This is great news if true! :)
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 22:03

O_O no frickin way... I loved Flashback....and BlackThorne (come on Activision | Blizzard!)
User avatar
24 Jan 2013 04:46


Yeah I agree fade to black was not too good. Not bad either mind you. I mean for its time there was a couple of impressing ideas. But it was also too frustrating and I never finished it.

You should go grab dosbox emulator and the PC version, it's abandonware. It's easy to use, you just need to know a couple of dos commands but they are explained when you launch the emulator and it's still the best to run that game properly.

Actually it took me forever to finish it as well. The last few stages were really hard. I remember my brother helped me finish it when I was just a kid. Then a couple of years later I got back to it, finished it and thought man that game really was hard!


Yep Blackthorne was very good as well ^^ I never found the cartridge though.
User avatar
24 Jan 2013 05:26

It kind of resembles Shadow Complex
User avatar
24 Jan 2013 14:22

kdognumba1 wrote:It kind of resembles Shadow Complex

try the other way round ^^

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