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What Mother Means to Me, by Shigesato Itoi

Shigesato Itoi posted up a blog in which he discusses what the Earthbound/Mother series means to him. The following is a fan translation of that blog.

What kind of a game is Mother? Even now, it's difficult to give a real answer.

If some kids took some dolls out of a toy box, plates no longer used from the kitchen, found some nuts and bolts from a tool box, some leaves and flowers from the garden, lined them up on the carpet while singing a nonsense song, it would begin to describe that world. It's with that kind of feeling that Mother was made.

Well, I am an adult, so I'd add a few angles here, hide a few secrets there, and unabashedly add some really hard parts.

At that point, I'd have a bunch of friends come over to play, and with all their ways of having fun, I'd make them into the simple roots and base of a story, decorating it with twigs and leaves and flowers.

Full blog post here

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23 Jan 2013 17:42

"What Mother Means to Me" sounds like something Norman Bates would say.
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24 Jan 2013 05:45

I really hope this series finds its way to other regions sooner or later. In the very least, get Mother 2 out on the VC in the regions it was released.

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