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Wii U Virtual Console supports Wii Classic/Pro Controllers

Just another option for playing future Wii U Virtual Console releases. You pretty much have any option you could want!


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User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:13

And looks like you can remap buttons too (?). Off TV play and that makes it worth the $1.00 to repurchase it on the WII U.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:37

Now if only GameCube controllers worked... :( (that's the only reason I'm still undecided about transferring my Wii data... once I get a Wii U xD)

Still, great news.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:40

Good. I can use my Wii arcade stick.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 15:53

Ugh I have so many vc games. Not sure if spending the extra $1 per game is worth it when I can just play the games on the Wii U how it is now.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 16:00

Nice. Now I have added incentive to get 7000 stars so I can get that SNES wii controller. (I'm at 4850 atm)
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 16:02

Now, how come there was no talk about N64 prices? I have more N64 VC games than pre-N64. How much will I have to pay to play SSB, Pokemon Snap or Majora's Mask with off-TV play, and so on?

And non-Nintendo consoles (SEGA, Turbografix-16)?

Guess we'll see.

Kinda annoyed that GBA was announced for WII U and not 3DS. I am glad it IS on Wii U, but I want it on 3DS as well.


Well, think about it. Do you really want to play ALL of your games on the gamepad? I don't really need to play all of them again/portable/with the save function. Though I also only have 11 VC games since the prices for SNES games are idiotic due to the Points system/not being able to buy "Needed Funds".
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 16:16


Probably not. I'll most likely just buy it for the few games a play fairly often (Super Mario 3, A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, etc.).
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 18:17

Great news, they are listening to us and getting things done. I'm glad they finally unloaded a ton of info they really needed to respond with to all the complaining about silence and what would happen next.

Having said that, they probably will give the 3DS soon a run down of whats going on like they did today for the WiiU, hopefully that will include more information on unification of the VC, NNID's and Miiverse for the 3DS.
User avatar
23 Jan 2013 18:36

It is continuing to be less reasons for me to get a Wii U Pro Controller as the days go by.

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