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GameTrailers' Nintendo Fan Direct: Episode 1...featuring me!?

On Twitter the other day, I made quick mention of something seriously awesome that I might have the chance to do. It all happened so quickly that I still can't believe it. Long story short, I was contacted to put together a quick video about the Nintendo Direct event this week. I was literally reached out to just yesterday and only had a few minutes to put something together. That's the video you see below!

I really want to thank Geoff Keighley and GameTrailers in general for featuring me in this way. I'm honestly extremely humbled by all this. It's INSANE to go to GameTrailers and see my ugly mug front-and-center. I truly appreciate the opportunity.

Of course, I also have to thank all you guys and gals. I would have never been contacted if you hadn't supported GoNintendo for all these years. The feature below only happened because of you. Thank you all very, very much.

As you can see, this is called Nintendo Fan Direct: Episode 1. Does that mean there will be an episode 2? I think that's a distinct possibility...

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User avatar
25 Jan 2013 15:44

I love all the comments the gametrailers community is making about his beard.
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 15:48

Great job Rawmeat! That was an excellent video on such short notice. Can't wait to see more in the future!
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 16:00

MrThee wrote:I love all the comments the gametrailers community is making about his beard.

Yeah, half of the comments in GT are about RMC Beard

User avatar
25 Jan 2013 16:07

Awesome video RMC! You sound like you're feeling better (I hope!).
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 16:11

Nice, video, RMC! Though, I think the GT people might have been hoping you'd whip out your Style Savvy dress :P
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 16:33

You're moving on up RMC! This is so cool XD
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 16:44

Yes! If we can't get "GoNintendo Nightly" this will do for now!

But for real, congratulations!
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 17:11

Yup messaged you about it last night RMC, its an excellent new feature and its really good to see you out there giving us nintendo fans a voice and also presenting everything that was shown in neat and precise manner. Keep up the good work and i hope to see more of this feature in the future
No Avatar
25 Jan 2013 17:36

did you see all the comments, they all really liked rmc and said his beard is so awesome
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 17:38

Not a bad start but if can make some constructive criticism, focus more in commentary and less on recapping. Anyone can watch the Nintendo Direct if they are interested but only you can forward your opinion.
No Avatar
25 Jan 2013 18:00

So awesome!!

My favorite comment on the GT video page: "I didn't know ZZ Top even played video games. cool!" :lol:
No Avatar
25 Jan 2013 18:44

Very nice+good video. Completely worth being featured on GT.
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 18:54

Kezay wrote:RMC makin' moves! Don't forget about us little people when you make it big, though.

No such thing as little people, unless you're going to lump me in with them! We're all just Nintendo fans and that's all I ever want to be!
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 19:33

most of the comments i read on there are pure haters, the i dont give a crap because its nintendo guys and your usual jerks calling people fanboys.
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 19:51

If you're worried about being on camera, may I remind you of the wonders of some sun.

I work away from the sun like you, RMC, and sunbathing during the winter months is not easy, I know. But I always feel I look a little more handsome once I have some color on my skin.
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 20:44

Awesome job, RMC! Congrats on this and Nintendo Force!

I did notice, however, that you changed your pronunciation of Mario for the GT crowd. You went with "Mar-e-o" as opposed to your usual "Mare-e-o". As a fellow NJ native, I say stick to your guns! Congrats again.
User avatar
26 Jan 2013 00:21

Hopefully this brings a lot of new users our way. ^_^
User avatar
26 Jan 2013 12:30

Nintendo HAD to do this though, with a possible new 360 and PS4 on the way, Nintendo simply couldn't afford to show off a few games here or there. If Nintendo doesn't solidify the wiiu this year...it really will be left behind.

When the "launch titles" became the "launch window," and now that's become..."ah...well, maybe some day!" it makes the system look less interesting.

The only good thing for Wiiu is that it"ll hit its stride in year 2 when the new Xbox is still in "launch window" mode.

It's also good to see Nintendo expand the franchisees just a bit with monolith...if only Eternal Darkness would make a come back. I do miss having games like Doom 64 and Turok exclusive.
User avatar
27 Jan 2013 05:53

Great job as usual RMC!

Don't leave us.
User avatar
27 Jan 2013 11:39

Awesome! I hope you do many more of these in the future. I thought this one was a bit too long (trimmed down by about 30-40% would have been better), but it was nice regardless. :)
User avatar
27 Jan 2013 19:48

Why would anyone have a beard?
User avatar
29 Jan 2013 01:00

The beard has become legendary.
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 14:55

While this was cool they should have given you a time to talk a bit more about each game even if it had to be a 2 part or so series. Like talk about what you want and don't want to see in the games.

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