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Yet another Wii U GamePad tripod

Grab yours here (thanks MysteryMan!)

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26 Jan 2013 11:56

For all your video recording and streaming needs!
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26 Jan 2013 15:43

I dont get it...What would you use this for?
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26 Jan 2013 16:55

TheEyeProjects wrote:I dont get it...What would you use this for?
No Avatar
26 Jan 2013 22:49

I guess that the only thing it would be good for is for streaming or something. That way you can have a steady shot of the gamepad at all times. But I think the majority of people who will buy it is lazy family players.
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27 Jan 2013 01:11

Nintendo definitely designed the GamePad with tripods in mind, so there probably be something for it eventually.
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27 Jan 2013 09:44

a: i told ya so... look at my posts
b: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/82db/ yeah.... this would totally attach a gamepad to whatever you like, wrist? vibe on msg/notification?
c: watching a movie/video without setting up some kind of "kid tent" stand for preferred viewing position/angle
d: where the hell have all your imaginations gone?!

edit: sry it aint in my listed posts, but someone once asked about the port and i told em so!

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