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Iwata reconfirms plans to utilize NFC capabilities in Wii U

Iwata : there are two trends. one is with figurines or cards. We are currently working with developers on this and we will see various games this year. The other one is E-money payment. we are also working on this.


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02 Feb 2013 14:52

I can't wait to see what nintendo does with this! I hope they come out with new pokemon cards that have nfc. Imagine playing the game on the tv!
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:59

Smash bros. figures naow!
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:48

Loco Lokee wrote:Smash bros. figures naow!

Yes... My dream will come true... Like in Melee, how there was a table filled with trophies- omg D:

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