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Iwata on Wii U and 3DS sales goals, neither have achieved their full potential

For the 3DS, the point is to achieve the same kind of virtuous cycle in HW and SW sales overseas as in Japan by releasing good games. For the #WiiU, software will really start to arrive that communicates its appeal, and I aim to greatly improve its sales flow. s for what I'd do in case of failure, I used the word "commitment", so please understand what I mean.

If only the same number of #3DS systems sell next FY as this FY, software sales will be limited and the goal won't be achievable. Therefore I absolutely don't think that the #3DS is meeting its sales potential overseas. It's not due to external factors, but... please understand that it's because we haven't sufficiently communicated the #3DS' appeal as a platform of choice. Expanding the sales of the #3DS beyond this fiscal year's numbers is obviously our objective. - Satoru Iwata

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02 Feb 2013 14:56

I agree with Nintendo Force #1: 2013 is the year of the games. I'm very excited that this year will be software focused and that these new consoles will really become their own!

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