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Miyamoto/Iwata unsure of cloud gaming, working hard to make sure consoles don't disappear

Q. Cloud gaming is becomming popular. What about a unified platform?

Iwata: there are things you can do with cloud gaming and there are things you cant do. We dont agree that cloud gaming is the future and we are trying to work hard on a future where gaming only consoles are not gone. Unified platforms are for us not platforms that are one but rather platforms that have the same development architecture. This also means that there could be more platforms.

Miyamoto: We needed to create new development environments for wiiu and 3ds unlike wii which reused the gamecube architecture. We are unifying our development teams to accomodate this challenge and minimize the losses while preparing the shift. I think handhelds and consoles will coexist as the aim is different.


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User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:37

"But what is Cloud Gaming"?!
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:58

@Commander Orbit
As far as I see its storing games on a developer's server network and running them from said network but I'm mostly only familiar with storing game saves "on the cloud" and I don't even do that
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 18:31

This Cloud tech is right up there with a Wholly-Digital future which can F right off, imho.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 23:57

Cloud saves = good. Cloud games = very, very, bad.
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 00:06

Wii_Jedi wrote:Cloud saves = good. Cloud games = very, very, bad.

same here
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 04:11

Good to hear, I don't want to live in a gaming world without consoles.

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