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Another massive Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch released

Wii U Specific Issues Addressed/Features
Home Button Menu is now available in Multiplayer and Zombies when not in-game
Send text messages from the lobby and friend list menus
Wii Remote Changes
Improved presets
Buffed aim assist
Wii Remote Bug Fixes
Jittery movement
Unable to turn when crouched/prone with a scoped weapon on Wii Remote
Hybrid optic attachment stopped working after ADS on Wii Remote
Guardian and Turret unmovable when weapon pickup option is set to inventory button
Reticle disappearing during EMP
Hunter Killer Drone does not fire in reticle direction
Crash in Strike Force tutorial
Lodestar score streak is hard to control (it now uses the control stick)

Non Platform-Specific:

New Features & Feature Improvements
Added 2 new pages to the Combat Record (the Combat Summary and Medals).
Implemented sorting of Medals in the After Action Report.
Lowered HUD threshold for the "low health" overlay to increase player’s awareness of low health.
Added a “Go to Top” button for the League Leaderboard.
Issues Addressed
Matchmaking modified to never return games outside of player’s own continent, unless the Connection Type in Search Preferences is set to “Any”.
Addressed an issue where the UAV would not trigger if called in while aiming down sight.
Addressed an issue where the Master Demolition challenge did not unlock when the requirements were complete.
Addressed issue with the headshot sound not playing in final Killcams and Theater Demos.
Fixed an issue in League Play where “Career Wins” for a Series were not displayed during placement in the Lobby Career Overview.
Updated the After Action Report in League Play so that bonus points are not summed with the ladder points in points earned for the match.
Stocks on SMGs no longer allow a player to move faster while ADS than when moving normally.
Shotgun crosshairs will no longer turn red if an enemy is out of the shotgun’s maximum damage range.
Fixed an issue where bullets would not fire straight immediately after aiming down the sight while moving at the same time.
Improved turret tracking to eliminate false positives when checking line of sight.
Turrets now have smoother tracking when targeting players.
Improved bot pathing on multiple maps.
Current League Info is now getting updated properly in the Player Identity.
Manual sorting on League Teams removed as the results are now returned correctly.
Improved the Scoreboard to make friend Playercard information more accessible.
Addressed multiple UI issues.
Players can no longer earn credit towards a Prestige Equipment challenge through “friendly” flashbangs, concussions, and shock charges.
Fixed Select Fire weapons reverting back to their default fire method when using certain Scorestreaks and not calling them in.
Addressed an exploit where the game allowed access to the Custom Games Settings while believing the game was Public Matchmaking, allowing XP.
Score and points are no longer awarded if a player destroys their own turret in Hardcore FFA.
Addressed an issue where players were able to plant numerous Assault Shields.
Addressed an issue where the Stealth Helicopter was able to drop below the map in Drone.
Players are no longer able to get infinite Black Hats by immediately using another Black Hat.
Addressed an issue where it was possible for a player to equip two Assault Shields at the same time.
Players Spectating a One in the Chamber game no longer earn Survivor Bonus Points.
A player can no longer earn Medals for multi-kills if they continue to kill quickly after dying and re-spawning.
Various minor map fixes were made across multiple maps.

Gameplay Balancing
Death Machine: 3 hit kill range increased.
Dragonfire: health increased, gun spread reduced.
AGR: ground speed increased, reduced machine gun close range damage.
Warthog: reduced missile delay.
Lodestar: reduced missile speed and AOE radius.
Swarm: drone re-spawn delay increased.
Hard Wired: Players with hard wired are now completely unaffected by EMP grenades.
Trophy System: increased range.
All + Silencers: reduced range.
Assault Rifles:
All: reduced idle sway.
M27: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, increased 4-hit kill range.
Type25: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
SCAR: Increased 3-hit kill range. Maximum amount of bullets to kill is now 4.
SIG556: Penetration increased from medium to large, reduced burst delay, and maximum amount of bullets to kill is now 4.
MTAR: increased 3-hit kill range.
SMR: slight increase to damage so that 2 hit kills can still happen with minor penetration, headshot multiplier increased at long distance.
FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
FAL OSW: increased hip spread.
All: ADS in and out time reduced.
SRM1216: slightly increased short range damage.
Executioner: increased medium range damage.

Thanks to Cal619Guy for the heads up!


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14 total comments (View all)
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:18

Who voted this negative. That was dumb.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:21

Still no DLC thus leaving me still on the fence about this game.
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:30

ProfWho wrote:Still no DLC thus leaving me still on the fence about this game.

Assuming you are in the states, it's $30 for WiiU today at Beat Buy. Get off the fence.
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:38

WesWarlord wrote:
ProfWho wrote:Still no DLC thus leaving me still on the fence about this game.

Assuming you are in the states, it's $30 for WiiU today at Beat Buy. Get off the fence.

Amazon has matched this price as well. Also, Target - who already had the game on sale for $45 - is big on matching prices of both brick and mortar & online competitors, so if you want it, now is the time to grab it. After a cleaning out a couple gift cards, I grabbed a copy for $15 about 30 mins ago.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:46

lol Still can't use the GamePad mic?
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:52

Was hoping they'll address the infinite rapid fire weapon glitch.
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:57

Thank God they fixed the Home Button thing. SO annoying having to exit multiplayer/zombies, go to campaign, and then be able to go back to the Wii U Menu
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 17:20

$30? Hell, I might just have to get off the fence.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 17:40

About time they patched the home menu issue, I really hated having to always to back to the title screen whenever I was playing multiplayer or Zombies just to exit the game.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 17:45

With $15 in reward certificates I am now off the fence. I hope to see some folks online tonight. I will be the newb dying all the time. Thanks to everyone for letting me know about the awesome sale.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 18:37

archer9234 wrote:Who voted this negative. That was dumb.

Its GoNintendo...
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 23:09

Give these guys some credit, at least they're trying to appease the fans and not forgetting the Wii U owners when they clearly could due to sales.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 23:55

I am also extremely happy I no longer have to return to the Campaign to use the Home menu.
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 01:04

What's Buffed Auto Aim assist?

Also interesting, they managed to fix ALL of these things but introduced something as blatant as this: when in Zombies mode and you go to pick where to play (Bus Depot, Town, Farm) you can only use certain directions on the D-Pad when flipping between these 3. Try it out. It's trivial but weird it was not caught in testing. For instance, when moving FROM Bus Depot TO the Farm you can press "Down", but you cannot go back TO Bus Depot FROM Farm by pressing "Up".

Ok I'm going to bed now.

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