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02 Feb 2013 15:37

Oh my god I love this game. It's so hilarious. It's really frustrating too... but... hilarious.
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:46

I remember this and how difficult it was
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:26

Great game, lots of trial and error
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 18:33

I recall playing this a little bit as a kid. The Gamecenter CX episode covering it was funny.
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 18:41

I loved this game as a child. A hilarious game indeed. XD
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 20:27

Oh god, this was one of my like 6 genesis games growing up. Never could figure out how to do much in it!
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 20:31

Man, lots of hillarous trial-and-error with this difficult game :lol: such good times.
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 22:04

I always thought this would make a great Wii game.

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