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EoD - Miiverse use

EoD - TV Vs. Pocket

EoD - Warriors cast

EoD - SS motion

GN Podcast #466

EoD - Zelda music

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Korean trailer, commercials

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

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03 Feb 2013 02:13

man.... seeing these makes me want to cry. i love korea!
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 02:18

I have no ill feelings towards the South Korea, but I'm SO jealous that they have a release date and the US doesn't. >:(
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 03:44

pretty smart from Nintendo to aproach so strongly the large Korean market. Moves like this guarantee their future.
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 04:16

It's nice to see gameplay of this game that's not in Japanese once in a while. :P

Have fun with this game, you lucky Koreans. :)
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 13:54

Korea usually never gets anything early... Or at all... This needs to come to NA fast!

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