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AckkStudios teasing Project Y2K

Could this be related to the 3D RPG that AckkStudios said they're making for the Wii U eShop? Hit up the link below to hear a music sample as well. All we know for right now is that it's call Project Y2K.

Music here

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User avatar
03 Feb 2013 15:11

Well, here is the tag list for the post...

This pretty much confirm it eh? ;)
Also: Damn, I like harps so much! this is one of the most soothing video game music I have heard... And I played Flowers!
User avatar
03 Feb 2013 18:30

This would make for a wonderful start menu track. I would never dare to start the game, though :O
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 03:01

This song is absolutely amazing, simply beautiful. And if this really is inspired by Earthbound and TWEWY I hope it will be very emotional and that all the music is this good!

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